I Was Never Gang Raped

I mention this because the neo-Nazis are reporting that I was once kidnapped, taken to Michigan and gang-raped “by a group of Negroes.”

The neo-Nazis are apparently angry about a story I wrote about their cancellation of a march in Over-the-Rhine.

— Gregory Flannery

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8 Comments on “I Was Never Gang Raped”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    This is troubling stuff…

    No, not that they have made up outrageous lies about Greg Flannery, but that their thinking is so twisted. I looked at the discussion board and it’s content is quite ugly. I cannot understand this kind of thinking.

  2. Best headline ever.

  3. Marilyn Says:

    Actually, I’ve thought it over and see the insane humor in their childish attempt to annoy Greg Flannery!

    But their words are still reprehensible.

  4. citybeat Says:

    Wow, that made me feel like I need a shower just clicking onto that site. That story is like a piece from “The Onion For Stupid People.”

    – breen

  5. NBS Says:

    Maybe you just don’t remember it?

  6. Marilyn Says:

    Mike, or even submerging oneself in a tub of antibacterial gel…

  7. Every Cincinnatian Says:

    We thought aliens were the ones that gave you the anal probe, Greg, and weren’t they green?

  8. anon Says:

    consider it a badge of honor, to be dissed by neo-nazis

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