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We Have a New Porkopolis Blog

April 27, 2007

Come see our new Porkopolis blog here. All archived posts and comments have been moved to the new site. Please add new comments there, not here.

Developers, Not Residents, Get Help

April 25, 2007

The city of Cincinnati is once again looking out for business owners but not residents. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

In a press release issued yesterday by the city of Cincinnati, developers are once again in line to get special treatment — as long as they pay for it — when it comes to building permits and inspections. There are no provisions outlined for complaints or opportunities for residents to challenge any aspect of the development process that might harm their community.

“Today the city of Cincinnati’s Department of Buildings and Inspections (B&I) unveiled its new ‘Optional Premium Services’ proposal before city council’s Economic Development Committee,” the release says. “These services, if approved by the full city council, are designed to better accommodate the often changing needs of development while providing customized services and ‘just-in-time’ permit approval and inspections services.”

Making development less cumbersome is a great idea, but without considering those who might be impacted by this rush to create a positive for developers and the city’s bank account, the balance of concern for everyone involved is once again lost to profitability. Government is supposed to protect all citizens, not just developers; and the forgotten population is once again the residents who are going to have to deal with the consequences of the mistakes created by the city’s new streamlined process.


Oinker of the Day 4.25

April 25, 2007

I’ve been accused of being a “bleeding heart” and I consider it a compliment because that indicates to me that my heart hasn’t turned to stone. Why is being a “bleeding heart” considered such a bad thing?

— Margo Pierce

Oinker of the Day 4.24

April 24, 2007

Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person or a religious person? What’s the difference?

— Margo Pierce

New Streetcar Route

April 23, 2007

(Photo: Adam J. Benjamin)

City leaders have settled on a preferred route for a proposed streetcar system through downtown and Over-the-Rhine. To ensure the system generates the most redevelopment spin-off on surrounding blocks, the chosen route is longer than initially discussed and covers a larger area.

Although three different routes — each about four miles long — originally were mulled, city planners have chosen a slightly altered version that is 4.6 miles in length. Cincinnati City Architect Michael Moore said HDR Engineering Inc. complete an economic feasibility study of the route in mid-May.

The preferred route has three segments. To view the route, click here.


Oinker of the Day 4.23

April 23, 2007

Earth Day has come and gone. What have you done — or continued to do — to show your appreciation for this big blue marble we call Mom?

— Margo Pierce

Kill ’em All

April 20, 2007

While campaigning for his new job, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland questioned the fairness of the application of the death penalty. But he isn’t worried about it enough to put a moratorium on executions until he finds out if the death penalty is “the other lottery,” as it have been dubbed in Indiana. The American Bar Association is due to release its findings about the application of the death penalty in the state of Ohio.

If Strickland is so concerned about this matter, he isn’t showing it. Instead of waiting until the results of the study are released or commissioning his own study and waiting for the results before he orders yet another execution, Strickland released the following statement about the next scheduled execution: