Bar President Next GOP Candidate


A prominent local lawyer is the Hamilton County Republican Party’s next bid to expand its presence on Cincinnati City Council.

Patrick F. Fischer, president of the Cincinnati Bar Association and a partner at downtown’s Keating Muething & Klekamp law firm, will run as a Republican candidate for city council in this fall’s election, party sources say. Fischer already has been promised the local GOP’s endorsement.

Fischer hasn’t announced his candidacy yet, but his term as bar association president ends this spring, and he is expected to launch his campaign around that time.

Cincinnati is a predominantly Democratic city, and Republicans have difficulty in gaining a foothold on city council. Currently, the nine-member group is comprised of four Democrats, two Republicans and two Charterites.

Fischer will join a slate of GOP candidates that’s likely to include incumbents Chris Monzel and Leslie Ghiz and former Councilman Charlie Winburn. The party is split about endorsing another possible candidate, ex-Councilman Sam Malone, who lost re-election after serving one council term while facing a misdemeanor domestic violence charge for hitting his son with a belt. Malone later was acquitted.

— Kevin Osborne

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2 Comments on “Bar President Next GOP Candidate”

  1. WestEnder Says:

    I’m figuring Winburn is going to run again, based on his recent PR efforts. In December I got a ‘Merry Christmas from Charlie Winburn’ robo-call. And just a couple of weeks ago I got another robo-call about his ‘Life, Money and Happiness’ (or something like that) seminar.

  2. Sean in Oakley Says:

    Between Winburn and Fischer, I’d vote Fischer. Winburn is a nice guy, and I’ve met him several times, but Fischer is simply closer to my own political ideology than Winburn. Simple as that. Plus, I think Fischer has a better chance of winning than Winburn.

    I think this will be a good fall election season for Republicans. I simply think that any momentum the Democrats now have will be exhausted by this November, and there are many small cracks in the local Democratic Party that, by fall, will break open into large fissures that will split apart the Dems by election day. The GOP had a similar fall-out last year and were trounced on election day: I simply believe the local GOP is on the rebound this year and will peak at the right moment by this fall, while looking at things now the Dems have peaked way, way, way too early. If the elections were held today I think the Dems would again clean up, but as I said a lot will happen between now and November, and being now at the top, the only direction the Dems can go now is … down.

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