Oinker of the Day 4.25

I’ve been accused of being a “bleeding heart” and I consider it a compliment because that indicates to me that my heart hasn’t turned to stone. Why is being a “bleeding heart” considered such a bad thing?

— Margo Pierce

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8 Comments on “Oinker of the Day 4.25”

  1. greg harris Says:

    I think the post-80’s wave of conservatism has ushered in an era where crass materialism and self-interest have emerged as primary values. Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts helped usher in this era by mainstreamizing on a daily basis a rationale for bashing the poor and select causes that should be deemed universal but are now deemed “liberal” (the environment, access to healthcare, etc.). Hearts that bleed are ridiculed as oppossed to celebrated.

    It’s a VERY easy job to pander to people’s self interest as oppossed to the better angels of their nature. Bigotry and selfishness, for example, come easily. Understanding and sacrifice do not.

    The Republican Party has pretty much ridded itself of moderate,s and the days of Republican leadership that busted trusts and were pro environment (Theodore Roosevelt, etc.) has been replaced by leadership that worships the tax cut and tells a nation in times of war not to sacrifice but, rather, to go shopping.

    In the meanwhile, the Dem’s have increasingly come to pander to national discourse no longer focused on the public good (so much for “ask what you can fo for your country”). Clinton, for example, made huge surplusses and free trade ends onto themselves, as opposed to means to long-term social betterment. We once had leaders who implemented social security systems (FDR); built highway systems (Eisenhower); initiated Marshall Plans and GI Bills (Truman); ushered in civil rights and created healthcare safety nets for the poor (LBJ). Dem “leadership” today tackles things like “Patients’ Bill of Rights” and ‘voted for the war before I voted against it. ‘

    “So it goes” – Vonnegut

  2. Marilyn Says:

    I’m being accused today on the LOL Blog of being a liberal bleeding heart.

    I LIKE it!

  3. Bleeding Heart Conservative Says:

    Greg, well said! Hell, even Nixon and Goldwater would be considered liberals today. Mr. Conservative aka Barry Goldwater said he was scared as hell of the religous right, he didn’t care if gays got married and he didn’t push the bipartisan War on Drugs/Poor.

    I’m a conservative when it comes to our civil liberties and our bill of rights. I agree that real conservatives do care about conservation and the environment. We also don’t like the record deficits that these Neocons have given to our children.

    Don’t forget that it was the people at the grass roots that really brought about social change and the politicians at the top just get the credit. The socialists were strong when the conservative democrat FDR took their agenda. Cities were burning across the nation when LBJ signed legislation that the civil rights movement had been pushing.

    I’m no Clinton fan, but he was more of a Republican than President AWOL. These aren’t conservatives or liberals anymore, their corporate shills.

    So it goes, indeed

  4. David Gallaher Says:

    The connotation of “bleeding heart” is someone who will give a man a fish without thinking of teaching him how to fish, or someone unwilling to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

  5. Zoie Says:

    Republican Party has pretty much ridded itself of moderate,s

    Don’t tell that to Leslie Ghiz

  6. Anonymous Says:

    David–Um, I think giving a man an education or healthcare, or clean air, is, in fact, helping him to, ahem, fish.

  7. WestEnder Says:

    The use of “bleeding heart” as a denigrative phrase is little more than a rhetorical ploy. It makes it easier to win arguments when you can diminish the credibility of the opposition. This is particularly true when you can’t win on the strength of your argument alone.

    Creationists do a similar thing when they discard the validity of science. They can’t make their case on scientific grounds, so their only option is to say science is invalid. Republicans do the same thing when they say liberals/Dems don’t support the troops. It has nothing to do with policy, but if they keep saying it (and corporate media zombies follow along) then they can avoid facing the real issue.

  8. David Gallaher Says:

    Anonymous @ 10:52,
    I loved your style. Thats another thing about bleeding hearts for sure.
    But yet another is the tendency to throw money and hope it makes things better.
    Get my tax money out of the education, healthcare and cleaning of the air businesses, thank you, and people will be better educated, healthier and breathing cleaner air.

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