Jack White Still Holding Greenhornes Rhythm Section Hostage

With James Brown gone, is Jack White the new hardest working man in show business? Or at least the most “quick and efficient.”

Billboard.com reports that White has begun work in Nashville on a new Raconteurs album with singer/songwriter Brendan Benson and the powerhouse rhythm section of Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler of Cincinnati’s Greenhornes. This comes not long after finishing up the new White Stripes album, Icky Thump, which is due out June 19 under a new deal with White’s Third Man Records and Warner Brothers Records. That deal is said to only be for the Stripes album, meaning The Racs are in need of a distributor after their previous label, V2, restructured dramatically.

That’s all well and good for Mr. White, but it never seems that the other members’ main projects get much consideration when it comes to the manic scheduling. Benson’s solo career is on hold (though he did post some new demos on his MySpace page), but the real issue is — we’re dying for a new Greenhornes album here! It’s coming up on a year since the ’Hornes have even played a live show. Give us our band back, Jack!

(photo: V2 Records)

— Mike Breen

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6 Comments on “Jack White Still Holding Greenhornes Rhythm Section Hostage”

  1. bobestes Says:

    If I had to guess- and this is only a guess – Keeler and Lawrence have probably made five times as much money in one year with the Raconteurs as they have their entire careers with the Greenhornes.

  2. citybeat Says:

    I’d say that’s a good guess, Bob, if not a little low. 🙂

    – mike

  3. bobestes Says:

    So I say god bless them. I’m glad that some struggling musicians that I know (of) are making some jack. That’s a hard life, man.

    Even if I think that their work with the greenhornes is 3 times better than the raconteurs.

  4. citybeat Says:

    Amen to that Bob, on both fronts. I saw the Raconteurs last summer and couldn’t take my eyes off Jack and Patrick — they are just phenomenal musicians and together a machine on par with some of the great rhythms sections of the ’60— although I’m a music geek and not as easilly won over by the frontman’s manly biceps and piercing eyes. They deserve every penny, and probably more, that they get.

    – mike

  5. bobestes Says:

    I feel sorry that Craig Fox isn’t getting any of the Raconteurs money runoff, but I saw him making out with Meg White once, so I guess he’s lucky in that regard.

  6. mc Says:

    I dont think Craig Fox gets enough credit for all of the hard work, and briliant song writing, that he has accomplished with the Greenhornes. Its a shame, because without his guitar stylings, the greenhornes (who havent made too much noise in the music industry) would not have survived all of the changes they have made over the years.

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