Oh, The Secrets You Can Learn From Pollstar

Every now and then, I like to take a peak at Pollstar.com, the Web site for the biggest publication for concert industry news. If you put “Cincinnati” into the search, dates by touring artists coming to town are listed. And often these dates can precede the official announcement from local promoters. The premature listings are usually the result of managers or booking agents posting as they figure out an artist’s tour route. Here’s a few things I gleaned from a quick look at the site today (NOTE: These dates are subject to change … or not happen at all, so curb your enthusiasm slightly):

Def Leppard? And Styx! And Foreigner?! Pinch me, I’m dreaming. The triple-threat (of crap) lineup stops at Riverbend on June 27. I’ve been waiting … for a bill like this. I don’t need no photograph, I’m going to be there. It will be the best of times. I’m so going to pour some sugar on … okay, stop me now.

• For the kiddies: Popular children’s music dude, Ralph’s World, comes back to the Zoo May 26 and 27. And, you knew it was inevitable — Disney’s incredulously popular High School Musical is going the Ice Capades route. “Disney’s High School Musical: The Ice Tour” is slated to play U.S. Bank Arena on Jan. 9 of next year (Santa, you’ve been warned).

• The Celtic Festival, after a year off last year, returns Sept. 15 and 16 at Yeatman’s Cove. Liz Carroll and John Doyle are listed as playing.

• The Cincy Blues Fest is back at Sawyer Point in August. Walter Trout and Bettye LaVette are listed as performers.

• Aproximately 1,439 bands are playing the Van’s Warped Tour at Riverbend on Aug. 1. Seriously, do these bands play one-song sets or what?

Tool is listed as playing U.S. Bank Arena on June 29.

• The Macy’s Music Kool Jazz (ah, heck, the Jazz Fest) returns in late July. So far, Boney James and “The Temptations” (or whatever’s left of ’em) are slated to appear.

— Mike Breen

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