Another Tribute to Mark Chenault

(NOTE: Local studio wiz and CityBeat columnist Dave Davis sent along his own musings about the late Mark Chenault. Feel free to leave your thoughts about Mark in the comments section if you knew him.)

The world just got a whole lot smaller. On Saturday at around 2 on the most beautiful day so far in 2007, Mark Chenault left this earth after a battle with cancer.

I can’t even remember the first time I met Mark. We’re roughly the same age, and honestly he’s always just been there. At every important show, event or celebration I’ve been to for over 25 years, I always saw him. And he never failed to greet me with a big toothy smile and a bone crunching hug. He was a fixture on the scene when I was just a wannabe.

Everyone knew or wanted to know Mark. And Mark made that easy. When you intro-duced yourself to him, you had a new friend. People simply liked being with him.

Even before Shag or the Nervous Pioneers, he was in demand as a player. But he was not just as a player like the rest of us. Mark was a personality, a force of nature. He was bigger than whatever band or group he was with at the moment.

Mark Chenault was too much man for one nickname. Variously known as The Colonel, Dr. Funk and even “The Mayor of Clifton,” he was all and none of these things. While he was obviously never a military or medical man, and not officially elected to anything, he drilled, healed and led many of us through some amazing times.

We’re left to carry on as best we can without him, each of us bearing Mark’s memory and values like torches banishing the darkness of hate and bigotry. We owe our best efforts to the guy who made us laugh, kept us from crying and introduced us to the best parts of being human. When the lights go up on a Cincinnati stage and great music roars from the speakers, our smiles and pounding hearts will recall our friend.

— Dave Davis

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2 Comments on “Another Tribute to Mark Chenault”

  1. Eric Mauch Says:

    “He could have added fortune and fame, but caring for neither, he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world.” GWC

    “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” SS

  2. Chris Donnelly Says:

    Well done, Dave. Thanks to you and Mike for posting good overiews on Mark. Excellent.

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