Hoparound Hootenanny

If you are heading to tomorrow’s Downtown Hoparound, a collaborative effort to bring people back into Cincinnati’s downtown nightlife scene, here’s a great way to cap off your night. A group of local musicians have formed The Boys From County Hell, and they are playing Mr. Pitiful’s on Main Street Saturday at 10 p.m. as a part of the Hoparound. The band features Sean Rhiney (MidPoint Music Festival co-founder and singer/bassist in Clabbergirl), Brian Halloran (Clabbergirl drummer), Mark Brasington (CGirl guitarist), Dave Purcell (Pike 27 leader and blogmaster general at Radio Free Newport), Mark Messerly (of Wussy, 7 Speed Vortex and Messerly and Ewing) and Brian Ewing (the other half of Messerly and Ewing and member of Catalog Cowboys). The show will open with some individual acoustic performances from the members and, once the band is good and drunk, they’ll take the stage and play Irish songs and some rowdy covers, including songs by The Pogues, Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen, Social Distortion and others.

Rhiney cleverly described the band as a kind of cross between the early Replacements and an “all-star jam” in a press release: “You know how at the end of big charity shows like FarmAid, they always get several dozen people on stage to sing something like ‘This Land Is Your Land,’ and it’s always fairly disorganized and kind of goofy? The Boys From County Hell are like that, but fueled with alcohol and far less famous. But we’re way more entertaining I’m told.”

This crew has done this before, but it has been some time. Fear not, says Rhiney:  “If the practice this week proves anything, we still know how to drink and play at the same time. That’s something. I think.”

— Mike Breen

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