Friday’s Flicks

Friday’s Flicks picked a bad week to return from hiatus: A combination of factors (vacations, logistical conflicts and films that weren’t screened for critics) led to only one of this week’s releases being reviewed. Which, of course, sucks.

For what’s worth, we did catch Ken Loach’s fine The Wind That Shakes the Barley at Chicago’s majestic old-school movie house, the Music Box Theatre, last week. More on that when it eventually opens at the Esquire or Mariemont.

Opening films:

Fracture: C+

Hot Fuzz: B

In the Land of Women: Review pending

Nomad: The Warrior: Not screened for review

Vacancy: D+

Flick of the Week: Hot Fuzz

Not just a default pick (Fracture, featuring the red-hot Ryan Gosling, is getting pretty good buzz), Hot Fuzz pimps the return of Shaun of the Dead director/co-writer Edgar Wright and co-writer/actor Simon Pegg. As Cole Smithey writes in his review above, Wright and Pegg are masters of horror homage, clearly influenced by B movies of yore but never crossing the line into outright parody.

Another option is documentary master Frederick Wiseman’s fascinating six-hour opus Near Death (1989), a look at the issues of terminally ill patients in a Boston hospital. The latest entry in the CAC’s adventurous The Long View exhibition, it opens Sunday and runs on a continuous loop through May 3. Read an interview with Wiseman here.

Future CAC screenings include Hans Jurgen Syberberg’s Our Hitler (July 16-22), Bela Tarr’s Satantango (July 23-Aug. 2), Edgar Reitz’s Heimat 3 (Oct. 15-27) and Mario Tulio Giordano’s The Best of Youth (Oct. 28-Nov. 8).

— Jason Gargano

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