Cindy’s Too Good for Us


Cindy Brady speaks! And she mentions Cincinnati in the process.

If you’re a person of a certain age, you remember, as a young child, asking your parents to remind you when it was Friday night, so you could come indoors and watch ABC’s groovy double feature of ‘70s sitcoms, Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family. To many pre-adolescent minds of that era, the oh-so-formulaic hi-jinks of those two fictional clans touched something in our hearts. Or maybe we just liked the Day-Glo clothes.

One-time actress and radio show hostess Susan Olsen — who played Cindy, the curly-haired, youngest Brady sibling — recently sat down for a question and answer session for AOL’s TV Squad Web site.

The interview is surprisingly wide-ranging for such a short amount of space. It touches upon numerous topics including Olsen’s swing to a more Libertarian political bent and some choice criticism of the United States which, of course, prompts the requisite “get the fuck out of our country” comments by uber-sensitive “patriots” responding to the article.

Also, Olsen talks about her son, reveals her personal fondness for the much-reviled cousin Oliver, what it was like to work with Festus from Gunsmoke and her thoughts on Christopher Knight’s reality-TV show wife.

But local readers especially will want to take note of Olsen’s mention of Cincinnati.

When the interviewer asks which Brady vacation that Olsen liked better — the Grand Canyon, Hawaii or Kings Island — she responds, “Hawaii. Wouldn’t you pick a tropical paradise over a hole in the ground or Cincinnati? (No offense, some of my best friends live in Ohio – REALLY!)”

Friends, please identify yourselves. I’d like to know about your brush with Brady greatness.

Listen to the full interview.

— Kevin Osborne

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3 Comments on “Cindy’s Too Good for Us”

  1. A Concerned Reader Says:

    I’d rather see an interview with Marcia … she was hot!

  2. She doesn’t have a libertarian bent, she has an authoritarian bent: She is a self-described conservative who opposes open borders. There is absolutely nothing libertarian about that.

  3. citybeat Says:

    Aw, I loved Oliver. He actually turned into a really good musician (though, of course, he’s no Johnny Bravo). He still looks EXACTLY the same too.

    Check him out:

    I take issue with her preference for Hawaii over Cincinnati. In Cincinnati, her and her family got to ride rides and have fun. The worst that happened was her dad lost those blueprints. In Hawaii, Greg got to surf, but they all almost died because of that damned, cursed tiki!

    Wow, I know WAY too much about that show.

    — breen

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