Music Newslettes 4.17.07

• Tonight on the Chris and Rob Show on WAIF (88.3 FM or listen at at 10 p.m., the dynamic duo interviews members of The Bears about their new album, Eureka!, perhaps the most experimental album of the band’s career (though still heavy on the Beatles-y Pop, it moves a little more into Revolver– and post-Revolver-era on this one). The Pop/Rock kings are celebrating the release of the album at the Southgate House on May 4, which will mark the end of a week-long string of Midwestern dates. The disc is available for purchase now at the band’s Web site, which also features song samples and lyrics for the new tracks.

• Also on Chris and Rob tonight is local band The Newbees, who are featured in the first installment of a series of commercials/jingles for Gold Star Chili performed by Cincinnati-area bands. Anyone seen the The Newbees’ clip yet? I’m kinda speechless (they look like actors hired to play the roles of “upbeat musicians!”), but I suppose it’s cool to see original bands make some nice scratch (I’m assuming – let’s hope the company didn’t pull the “It’ll be great exposure!” card to get them to do it for free). Gold Star will be rolling out the next commercials gradually — keep an eye out for spots from Buckra (whose jingle is a little more sarcastic), Blues duo 46 Long and Pop Rock crew The Whitney Barricklow Band. The company has also launched a contest asking fans to submit a new jingle for Gold Star. They must be 30 seconds long and feature the phrases “Gold Star Chili” and “Get Lost in the Taste.” Hmmm, what rhymes with “diarrhea”? Aspiring ad writers can get more info about the contest at

• After a triumphant show at last year’s Tall Stacks festival, it has been announced that Wilco is returning to Cincinnati in a few months. The band — touring behind their mellower but still progressive new disc, Sky Blue Sky (I’ve heard it; it’s great, but different … again!) — plays the Aronoff Center on June 14. Opening will be those stormin’ Mormons, Low, a fantastic trio formerly known for their glacially-paced songs, but more recently they’ve been having success with the more diverse material of albums like The Great Destroyer and their latest, Drums and Guns. Tickets ($33) for the show go on sale this Friday at noon. And those still holding a Pearl Jam-like grudge against Ticketmaster will be happy to know that the company is NOT handling ticketing for this event. You can obtain tickets through the Cincinnati Arts Association Web site here or by calling 513-621-2787.

• Newsflash! This just in — Sharon Osbourne is nuts! The Web site for Blender magazine (beware the creepy intro voice if you go to the site) reports that in its issue out June 19, an interview with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne includes a hateful rant aimed at Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, who said he felt Ozzfest treated bands poorly, and mocked the couple’s plea for bands to play the fest for free this year – “for the fans,” he reportedly said imitating the Ozzster’s Grandpa-Simpson voice. Sharon’s response was lengthy, but the mag reports it ended with this pleasant couplet: “I hope he gets syphilis and dies. I hope his dick fuckin’ falls off so his mother can eat it.” Yummy!

• Ah, Bryan Ferry. Charismatic singer for the revolutionary Roxy Music. Elegant solo artist. Nazi sympathizer? Not so fast. Though Ferry isn’t denying that he told a German newspaper that he thought Hitler’s marches and flags were “just fantastic — really beautiful,” the BBC reports that Ferry released a statement saying, “I apologize unreservedly” and “I, like every right-minded individual, find the Nazi regime, and all it stood for, evil and abhorrent.” You know you are in a bad place when you have to release a press statement saying “Nazis were bad.” It appears that Ferry was admitting an admiration for Nazi fashion sense more than anything. Next stop for Ferry? Our guess is that cool new “racist rehab” all those famous people seem to go to now.

— Mike Breen

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