Support the League of Women Voters

A group that provides non-partisan campaign information to the public is holding a fund-raiser so it can continue its work.

The local chapter of the League of Women Voters will present its “Visions for Greater Cincinnati” luncheon at 11:30 a.m. April 19 at the Duke Energy Center downtown. State Sen. Eric Kearney will emcee the event, which will feature Ellen van der Horst as keynote speaker. She is president and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce and previously was an executive vice president at PNC Financial Services.

Among its many activities, the league publishes free public service materials such as “Who and What of Elections,” a voter guide put out each fall, and “They Represent Us,” a directory of elected officials. Also, the league offers “Smart Voter,” a personalized ballot information service that is linked to its Web site.

Cost of the luncheon is $100 per person, which benefits the league’s education fund. For more information, call 513-281-8683.

— Kevin Osborne

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3 Comments on “Support the League of Women Voters”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Back in the day when I worked in Clifton, The League of Women Voters would leave a stack of their very informative papers for us to read right in time for elections. Very good stuff!

    Ah this reminds me, my grandmother who was born in 1900, always made it a point to work the polls (nearly up until she died at 87). She could well remember the fight by women for the right to vote.

  2. Green Party Says:

    The League of Partisan Voters worked in cahoots with the bipartsian corporate Chamber of Commerce to shut candidates that were on the ballot for Governor out of the televised debates. This once great organization is now nothing more than another gate keeper of a two corporate party prison. They support the status quo. They sell us out to the highest bidder.

    They say they take a poll to determine who is viable candidate and who should be allowed in the debates. There is nothing democratic about this. How many people are polled? Who is polled? Are they registered voters? Why would an undemocratic poll be more important than the signatures of 26,000 registered voters. These are questions they won’t answer. The Green and Libertarian candidates could speak in every town in Ohio and still only reach a tenth of the people that would watch the debates.

    Screw the League of Partsian Voters and the charades they call debates, the auctions they call elections and the big lie they call their mission statement.

  3. Wendy Says:

    The League of Women Voters should be commended for their tireless efforts to educate the public. Without fail the “Who and What of Elections” shows up at election time. The information published is submitted by the candidtates and is freely given to anyone willing to pick one up and educate themselves. I could not imagine going to the polls without this vital information. In this day and age of information at a mile a minute, I am so thankful that someone is willing to present the facts (and only the facts) in a straightforward manner. There is no gate keeping, there is no selling out to the highest bidder, there are no lies on their mission statement. There is only a group of people dedicated to keeping democarcy alive in this country.

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