Dems Make Final Picks in 10 Days

A final decision on who will get Democratic endorsements in this fall’s Cincinnati City Council elections will be made by party members April 17.

The Cincinnati Democratic Committee will hold a meeting next week so its 200 precinct captains can debate and vote on a slate of nine candidates recommended by an endorsement review committee.

Candidates who are recommended for endorsement are incumbents Jeff Berding, Laketa Cole, John Cranley, David Crowley and Cecil Thomas, along with former Councilwoman Minette Cooper and challengers Brian Garry, Greg Harris and Wendell Young.

The session will be from 6:30-9 p.m. at the Laborers’ Local 265 Meeting Hall, 3457 Montgomery Road, in Evanston.

Berding’s inclusion on the slate has generated some controversy. Some rank-and-file Democrats are upset at Berding because of his ties to Republican candidates and campaign contributors and his clashes with some Democrats on council.

— Kevin Osborne

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9 Comments on “Dems Make Final Picks in 10 Days”

  1. Green Party Says:

    What’s the big deal. Hillary Clinton is for the war in iraq and Iran,the Patriot Act, NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT, privatized health care and the status quo.

    Portune and Pepper are pushing the jail, Thomas passed his dopey marijuana ordinance with all Democrats voting for it except 1. Cranley is pro-life and for the war.

    Republicans and Democrats are the same the only difference is the name!

  2. moment of truth Says:

    This decision to wait two weeks between the Noninating Committee’s recommendations and the CDC meeting to ratify those rec’s has generated a good deal of controversy. The Dem’s are already way behind in the endorsement process, and these dealys are hurting their non-incumbent candidates. I hear one prominent non-incumbent is actually considering dropping out due to his frustrations with the Dem’s ineptitude. They have essentially shortened the campaign season to 6 months.

  3. jesuschristsuperstar Says:

    I am so urked that they are urging a slate that includes a woman who has serious health problems and didnt do much while she served on council before, and a pro-boycott public tv reality star. What the f were they thinking?

    Harris and Crowley are the only two worth voting for.

  4. The word dissapointment barely describes the feeling the current council has left me with.
    I hope this election season, people realize that money or a famous last name does not make someone a good candidate.
    It is hard to tell the difference between Dems and Repubs on the current council, Berding has let down many people who thought they were electing a Democrat when they gave him a vote in the last election.
    Im not here asking anyone to vote for me, I just hope people will deeply research the candidates before casting a vote this cycle.

  5. Hey there Says:

    Who’s the Green Party’s slate? (incumbents and non-incumbents?)

  6. Kevin Osborne Says:

    The Green Party has no council incumbents. I will check to see if the party is offering a slate of non-incuments for council. Stay tuned.

  7. Kevin Osborne Says:

    This is the reply that I got back today from Josh Krekeler, convener for the Southwest Ohio Green Party:

    “We are still looking at our options for the City Council election. We have nothing to announce at this time, but we will be sure to let you know if that changes.”

  8. Hey there Says:

    Interesting to see the Green Party criticizing other parties (comment #1), when they don’t appear to have any incumbent, let alone non-incumbent, candidates.

  9. fact checker Says:

    Moment of truth- in ’05 the CDC met on May 10, so this year’s meeting is ahead of schedule-
    And any “prominent nonincumbent” who wants to quit because of a perceived delay doesn’t have what it takes to make it to Nov.
    Candidates don’t have to wait for the endorsement to raise money, it’s just easier to get the bucks if you’re endorsed.

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