Nazis Want Injunction

The American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) says it is preparing to sue the city of Cincinnati to ensure it can march through Over-the-Rhine.

The city plans to force the group to march elsewhere, according to Meg Olberding, spokesman for the city.

“The city has a right to protect the public, so the law allows us to affect the time, place and manner,” she says. “The permit application does not have anything that would indicate what the nature of the march is. But when the city manager received the content of their press release and that they intend to march through a predominantly African-American neighborhood, we believe it is in the interest of public safety that they not march there.”

Olberding says the city hasn’t decided on the alternate route.

The ANSWP wants to march from 13th and Sycamore streets to Washington Park, according to ANSWP Commander Bill White of Roanoke, Va. White says the Cincinnati Police Department has confirmed by telephone that the group can march but hasn’t issued anything in writing.

“We intend to seek an injunction to prevent any changes,” he says. “My counsel here in Virginia just pulled the Martindale-Hubbell (legal directory) for Cincinnati and we will have an attorney retained in very short order.”

The party also wants the injunction to ensure it can use amplified sound during the sidewalk march.

The Nazis plan to march at noon April 20, the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birth, and hold a rally in the park. But the group’s own announcement acknowledges few participants are likely.

“We’re not looking to bring a crowd,” White said in a statement released yesterday. “We’re just going to be a couple of white guys marching down a street that the black animals and the Jew press say white people can’t walk on.”

White, 29, is a real estate investor in Roanoke. Last year he organized a rally in Toledo that led to violent counter-demonstrations.

— Gregory Flannery

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8 Comments on “Nazis Want Injunction”

  1. David Gallaher Says:

    I’m one of the strongest advocates of the sentiment behind the First Amendment you’ll ever meet. I’m also a peaceful anarchist who would be quite satisfied if there were no police, period.
    Put yourself in my head, and ponder this:
    If there were no police, period, would this group be contemplating strutting through OTR?
    Problem (theoretically) solved??
    See how anarchy could usher in peace?

  2. mc Says:

    Couldn’t this be seen as legally prohibited “incitement” in some way?

    Would that be enough to force these intellectuals to hold their stroll in, say, the middle of the night in an industrial area? Both of them could carry flashlights, of course.

    We are all very concerned for their safety. After all, ancient relics like these are valuable collector’s items for somebody with a large basement.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Freedom Square!

  4. Marilyn Says:

    There’s little else that can rile me like the neo nazis. But their own Karma will end up taking care of them.

    I’m clueless as to a good response. The IJPC is trying to come up with peaceful ways to demonstrate against these folks.

    I’m totally pacifistic, but I can’t truly argue with a friend who suggested we let them march in over-the-rhine, but don’t provide them with police protection.

  5. S.J. Says:

    The frequent response to this is to “ignore them”. Ignoring them is exactly what they want, but they also seek media coverage! It’s a problem, not doubt. However, by ignoring them , you silently approve of their presence. By “not giving them the satisfaction” of your attention, you also allow them to recruit. If there isn’t an active opposition to their hatespeech, then they appear as something that might be considered legitimate by people with racist attitudes. Allowing nazis to march, organizationally legitimizes racism and provides a forum to terrorize people of color and non-christians.

    If they have the right to spew hatespeech, we have the right to put forth a message against racism and for solidarity, albeit much louder and with many more people. An injury to one is an injury to all.

  6. Ken Hoop Says:

    Yeah, American Nazism is passe and always was an ersatz imitation of the real thing.
    On the other hand, tens and hundreds of thousands of White Russians commonly march in favor of their ethnic rights ,restoration of their heritage and pro-Putin, anti US Empire politics. “White power” is alive and well. NO OTRs in Moscow!

  7. David Gallaher Says:

    “However, by ignoring them , you silently approve of their presence. ”

    If you believe that, have you been checked for early onset autism?

    Are you fearful they will convert you?
    Well, most of us here are not fearful in that way.

  8. Marilyn Says:

    I’m torn, torn, TORN! Somebody help me…

    I awoke this morning and found Imus has been fired from MSNBC.

    His words were reprehensible. He called the Rutgers women’s basketball team,
    “nappy headed hos”.

    Inexcusible, right? If anyone doubts my aversion to racism, go here:

    Now the nazi’s are coming. I hate neo nazi’s. And, of course, Cincinnat hates these idiots.

    The Problem I have is that Cincinnati wants to ban the march based on inflammatory “fighting words”.

    I guess my problem is: who decides what words are “fighting words”?

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