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We Have New Music and A&E Blogs

April 27, 2007

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We Have a New Porkopolis Blog

April 27, 2007

Come see our new Porkopolis blog here. All archived posts and comments have been moved to the new site. Please add new comments there, not here.

New Zoo Venue

April 25, 2007

If your are heading to the Cincinnati Zoo tomorrow (Thursday) for the free, brilliant double-bill of World Cafe faves Kim Taylor and The Hiders (which we highly recommend doing), the concert has been moved indoors to the “Safari Gallery,” near the Nocturnal House and Manatee Springs exhibits (presumably because of the chance for rain).

The show is the last of a pretty cool “Tunes and Blooms” local music concert series that has so far featured psychodots, Faux Frenchmen, Jake Speed and the Freddies and the Comet Bluegrass AllStars. The music starts at 6 p.m. and admission is free after 5 p.m. Parking is not free (it’ll run ya $6.50, but if you’re lucky, you can often find parking on the streets surrounding the Zoo).

After the Zoo show (at which she will be joined by Pearlene‘s Andrew Higley on keyboards, french horn and saw — you have to see the saw bit to fully understand),  Taylor is off for another road-trek, this time opening for acclaimed singer/songwriter Grant Lee Phillips. If you have XM satellite radio, be sure to tune in for a Kim Taylor live session on XM Cafe soon; selected cuts from the session will air on The Loft channel as well.

Taylor hopes to return to the studio this fall, but she recently posted a great, unreleased version of Tom Waits’ “Chocolate Jesus” (from Waits’ Mule Variations album) on her MySpace page. The site also has a video clip of a live rendition of the song .

Meanwhile, Hiders head honcho Billy Alletzhauser has been posting various demos and home recordings (some of which sound better than many local real CDs I’ve heard) on his personal MySpace page. Alletzhauser says the roughs may be fleshed out for songs by either The Hiders or Ruby Vileos, the other successful local band he has a huge role in.


— Mike Breen

Developers, Not Residents, Get Help

April 25, 2007

The city of Cincinnati is once again looking out for business owners but not residents. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

In a press release issued yesterday by the city of Cincinnati, developers are once again in line to get special treatment — as long as they pay for it — when it comes to building permits and inspections. There are no provisions outlined for complaints or opportunities for residents to challenge any aspect of the development process that might harm their community.

“Today the city of Cincinnati’s Department of Buildings and Inspections (B&I) unveiled its new ‘Optional Premium Services’ proposal before city council’s Economic Development Committee,” the release says. “These services, if approved by the full city council, are designed to better accommodate the often changing needs of development while providing customized services and ‘just-in-time’ permit approval and inspections services.”

Making development less cumbersome is a great idea, but without considering those who might be impacted by this rush to create a positive for developers and the city’s bank account, the balance of concern for everyone involved is once again lost to profitability. Government is supposed to protect all citizens, not just developers; and the forgotten population is once again the residents who are going to have to deal with the consequences of the mistakes created by the city’s new streamlined process.


Oinker of the Day 4.25

April 25, 2007

I’ve been accused of being a “bleeding heart” and I consider it a compliment because that indicates to me that my heart hasn’t turned to stone. Why is being a “bleeding heart” considered such a bad thing?

— Margo Pierce

Jack White Still Holding Greenhornes Rhythm Section Hostage

April 25, 2007

With James Brown gone, is Jack White the new hardest working man in show business? Or at least the most “quick and efficient.” reports that White has begun work in Nashville on a new Raconteurs album with singer/songwriter Brendan Benson and the powerhouse rhythm section of Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler of Cincinnati’s Greenhornes. This comes not long after finishing up the new White Stripes album, Icky Thump, which is due out June 19 under a new deal with White’s Third Man Records and Warner Brothers Records. That deal is said to only be for the Stripes album, meaning The Racs are in need of a distributor after their previous label, V2, restructured dramatically.

That’s all well and good for Mr. White, but it never seems that the other members’ main projects get much consideration when it comes to the manic scheduling. Benson’s solo career is on hold (though he did post some new demos on his MySpace page), but the real issue is — we’re dying for a new Greenhornes album here! It’s coming up on a year since the ’Hornes have even played a live show. Give us our band back, Jack!

(photo: V2 Records)

— Mike Breen

Oh, The Secrets You Can Learn From Pollstar

April 24, 2007

Every now and then, I like to take a peak at, the Web site for the biggest publication for concert industry news. If you put “Cincinnati” into the search, dates by touring artists coming to town are listed. And often these dates can precede the official announcement from local promoters. The premature listings are usually the result of managers or booking agents posting as they figure out an artist’s tour route. Here’s a few things I gleaned from a quick look at the site today (NOTE: These dates are subject to change … or not happen at all, so curb your enthusiasm slightly):

Def Leppard? And Styx! And Foreigner?! Pinch me, I’m dreaming. The triple-threat (of crap) lineup stops at Riverbend on June 27. I’ve been waiting … for a bill like this. I don’t need no photograph, I’m going to be there. It will be the best of times. I’m so going to pour some sugar on … okay, stop me now.

• For the kiddies: Popular children’s music dude, Ralph’s World, comes back to the Zoo May 26 and 27. And, you knew it was inevitable — Disney’s incredulously popular High School Musical is going the Ice Capades route. “Disney’s High School Musical: The Ice Tour” is slated to play U.S. Bank Arena on Jan. 9 of next year (Santa, you’ve been warned).