Pronounced ‘B-o-n-e-r’

U.S. Rep. John Boehner (R-West Chester) has pulled a series of boners in Congress lately that are drawing the ire of his GOP colleagues.

The liberal blog, Think Progress, reported the following about a presentation made Thursday during a congressional ceremony by Boehner, the House Minority Leader, to honor the Tuskegee airmen, the U.S. military’s first group of African-American fighter pilots who served during World War II.

A person who attended the ceremony wrote, “During his short speech to those in attendance, Boehner six times mispronounced the group’s name as the ‘Tusk-E-gee,’ eliciting audible groans from the front to the back of the Capitol Rotunda. One woman standing in front of me leaned to her companion and whispered, ‘This is so embarrassing, and he’s from my state.’

“Perhaps making matters worse, almost all of Boehner’s speech focused on the general accomplishments of American forces in World War II, paying little direct respect to those in the room. As if to remove any doubt about the verbal kerfuffle, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell took the stage and began his speech by pronouncing the group’s name correctly, while making a clear, if passing, glance in Boehner’s direction. Immediately afterward, the entire crowd broke into applause at the correction.”

McConnell is the Republican senator from Louisville, Ky.

As Think Progress points out, Boehner has had a difficult week. Construction workers at an AFL-CIO forum Wednesday booed Boehner when he talked about the Iraq War, and Thursday he accidentally voted in favor of a budget bill that he’s been deriding for the past week.

Better luck on Monday, John.

— Kevin Osborne

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4 Comments on “Pronounced ‘B-o-n-e-r’”

  1. Springdale woman Says:

    My congratulations to Moeller High School and Xavier University.

    They have provided us with Mr. Boehner , and his lack of diverse education.

    He doesn’t even know how to pronounce Tuskegee Airmen, much less understand who they are.

  2. David Gallaher Says:

    I would be more than happy to pile on Boehner for his stances supporting all of Dubya’s too numerous to enumerate wars, but I can’t grok the issue here.
    Perhaps we’re missing a tilde or an umlaut in the explanation.
    I’m a son of the South, closer to Tuskegee than is the Queen City, who is able to enunciate “nuclear.”
    Are we saying Mitch McConnell can talk real good?

  3. mc Says:

    Mr. Boehner is an accurate and perfect reflection of the area and its interest in the rest of the world. I would see his performance as predictable. What else do we expect?

  4. PETER Says:

    — My Friend DIED a few days ago … March 24 2007 He died because he did not have medical insurance. Simply because he could not afford medical insurance, or a Doctors visit. BUT, he paid into a system for others to have medical insurance so these people don’t have to go through what he did. People like, Governors, Judges, police, city workers, county workers, federal governments, senators, congress, and the list just goes on and on. Yes my friend did work all his life. My friend died, he could not afford medical insurance for him self, but had to pay for others. Could he have lived longer if he had medical insurance, YES.

    Did you know, 2,222 people die everyday in the United States of America because of this, and is reaching Holocaust Numbers. Is one of these, YOUR family member? Good Morning OHIO. Good morning Senator Brown, Governor Strickland.

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