A Correction and … Holy Fuck!

Good news and bad news about this Sunday’s Southgate House show headlined by intriguing west coast Post Punk band 31 Knots. Despite the gorgeous photo and raving preview of the appearance of Two Ton Boa in this week’s CityBeat, Two Ton Boa is not on the bill. No, Sherry Fraser (the TTB mastermind) didn’t pull out because I wrote in my preview that their music made me think of Evanescence (though I wouldn’t blame her). While the group will be in town Sunday, they decided to take a breather and not play the show.

The good news is that the other band on the bill, Holy Fuck, is even more interesting (though not for everyone; if you don’t like the word “challenging” when it comes to music, stay at home). The all-instrumental band plays (sort of) Electronic music, but they don’t employ modern, expected tools like backing tracks and laptops. With drums, keyboards, guitar pedals, mixers and other effects, the band creates a deep, engulfing sound that could have been created by a stoned Electronica genius on his home computer (assuming she blends some manipulated, heavy Jesus Lizard bass samples into the mix). But the full-band approach and lack of “tricks” gives the music a lively, irresistible quality. Songs like “Lonely Alien” recall the seamless creations of former Cincinnatian Boom Bip, (who similarly creates music that makes you wonder if it’s “live” or “canned”), while others tracks (like the head-spinning “Safari”) are wildly progressive and collage-like.

A note of local interest: Matt Schulz is currently the touring drummer for the Toronto-based collective. Schulz (formerly of Let’s Crash and Lab Partners) is also the drummer for Enon, a cult fave from Brooklyn that played Desdemona here in town last summer and has roots in Dayton. In an email from the road, Schulz says Holy Fuck (who are unsigned at the moment) have been on a good run, playing the SXSW fest recently and doing dates with Clinic on the east coast.

As for Enon, Schulz writes, “We are finishing a new record (finally!) that should be out in October, so i suppose you’ll see more of us later this year.”

— Mike Breen

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