Timing Is Ev … ery … thing

Below is a video from the Radio TV-Correspondents Dinner last night that is all over the net and TV news channels today. Am I the only one who thinks of the parents and families of the 3000-plus soldiers killed in Iraq as Karl Rove (who helped put us there under false pretense) whoops it up? Do the guys who had their legs blown off think it’s funny? Do the black soldiers in the military mind that Rove is mocking their culture?

I’m all for taking a break from your job and having a good time, but given the current climate, shouldn’t the administration be a little more sensitive? Guess it’s not as bad as Bush’s little comedy sketch about the “missing” (read: nonexistent) WMDs in 2004. Go have your dinner away from cameras (you do everything else covertly). May I suggest a karaoke bar? They did know, given what the dinner was actually for, that there were cameras there, right?

— Mike Breen

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2 Comments on “Timing Is Ev … ery … thing”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Not only is this not funny, it is downright repugnant.

    I will smile only when Bush and his entourage get outta dodge.

  2. mc Says:

    What else is new? Just more impetus for impeachment.

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