Ken Blackwell and Other Hits of Long Ago

From the “Now That He Has A Lot of Time on His Hands” Department: Ken Blackwell, the ex-Cincinnati mayor and former Ohio Secretary of State who was resoundingly defeated in his gubernatorial bid last fall, will serve as a guest DJ tonight on WEBN-FM (102.7). Blackwell will spin an old disc from Steely Dan on the station’s Album Archives show.

Since his defeat, Blackwell mostly has kept a low profile. He recently took on fellowships with two conservative policy think tanks, the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., and the Buckeye Institute in Columbus.

Last week Blackwell criticized Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, the Democrat who defeated him in November, for cutting state funding to teach abstinence-only sex education programs for schoolchildren. He made the remarks during a luncheon speech before the Healthy Marriage Collaboration of Central Ohio.

We’re not sure what Eddie Fingers, Bob the Producer and the rest of the Dawn Patrol would make of that stance.

At least Blackwell has good taste in music.

— Kevin Osborne

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7 Comments on “Ken Blackwell and Other Hits of Long Ago”

  1. Travis G. Says:

    Don’t forget about his new gig as a contributing editor at

  2. Joe S. Says:

    What time is this on?

  3. Kevin Osborne Says:

    I heard about this while driving back to the office on Wednesday. I called WEBN but, unfortunately, no one called back in time. I believe it was on at 10 p.m. (I am guessing it was a pre-recorded piece.)

  4. Kenny Says:

    I always pegged Blackwell as more of a country western kind of guy.

    And I’m shocked to hear that WEBN even has a show like this. Do the Clear Channel suits know about this? Nickelback records aren’t going to sell themselves.

  5. citybeat Says:

    “Nickelback records aren’t going to sell themselves”

    That’s hillarious, Kenny.

    – breen

  6. cincyexpat Says:

    Will he also march in WEBN’s annual parade on Sunday?

  7. citybeat Says:

    Ha! The Fool’s Parade! Those were always awesome.


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