Charter Backs Two Women

She first went to City Hall to protest the police chief’s cavalier attitude about the shooting death of her husband. Now she might be joining Cincinnati City Council.

The Charter Committee announced endorsements this morning for this fall’s city council elections, and Cincinnati School Board Melanie Bates was among those given the nod. Bates, whose husband, Philip, was shot and killed Aug. 27 while sitting on the front porch of their North Avondale home, said she would focus on public safety and neighborhood development if elected to council.

Other candidates endorsed by the Charter Committee are incumbent Chris Bortz, who is seeking his second term, and Joan Kaup, who has been involved with organizing various community activities over the years.

Bortz is nephew of developer and former Mayor Arn Bortz. He is special projects director for the family’s development firm, Towne Properties, in Mount Adams. On council, Bortz has chaired the group’s economic development committee and advocated several issues, including a proposal to develop a streetcar system and the renaming of Eastern Avenue to Riverside Drive.

Kaup is employed by Iacono Productions and previously worked for the Ensemble Theatre, the Greater Cincinnati Convention and Visitors Bureau and Downtown Cincinnati Inc. She also has been involved with the Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce, Project Lily Pad and the Big Pig Gig.

Charter, which is Cincinnati’s third political party, currently has two city council members — Bortz and Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell. Because of term limits, Tarbell cannot seek re-election. Tarbell has said he’s undecided about stepping down early and appointing a replacement to give that person an advantage in this fall’s election.

The local Democratic Party interviewed candidates for possible endorsements last Saturday, and will conclude the interviews this Saturday. Among the people slated for an interview this weekend is incumbent Jeff Berding, who has rankled many rank-and-file Democrats with his budget positions and frequent alliances with Republicans.

— Kevin Osborne

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6 Comments on “Charter Backs Two Women”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That’s great news for the city about Melanie Bates.

    Revised prediction (not in order):

    Kicked-off council:

  2. David Gallaher Says:

    Bates is a “CIRV-y” woman.
    Who can resist her?

  3. anonymous Says:

    Bortz and Berding are a lock. They are too well-funded and have created enough name ID to not get on. Berding will place in the top 5 and Bortz has a great chance of that too. Ghiz will place close to both.

    Winburn has as good a chance as Malone. I do however hope that Bates gets on.

    If as many candidates run as last election it will be quite an interesting race indeed.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Berding is NOT going to make it. Polling has that city bungleman in 10th place, which was before Bates entered the race.

    Nobody knows who he is. What has he done?

    Bortz could be fine.

  5. Firestarter Says:

    I am so happy to see Melanie Bates enter the race. Now there is another reason to kick off the despised Berding. Dem leadership is too gutless to refuse to endorse, but I hope they are sorry when they lose a majority on council due to his endorsement.

  6. Publik SkOOl GraDd Says:

    Maybe Melanie can bring some of the outstanding management practices that has made CPS the envy of our region with her to City Council. Detroit, here we come.

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