Cincinnati Goes Down

Just a little heads up that we’ll have our annual coverage of the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Tex., in this week’s CityBeat. Writer Sara Yaste was on the scene, filing a report on the many area bands representing Cincinnati this past week. Buffalo Killers were one of the Cincy-related highlights — above is the video for their amazing song, “S.S. Nowhere.”

The Sundresses, Peter Adams and the Nocturnal Collective and Burning Star Core (featuring local experimental music star Spencer Yeh, who’s been hanging/performing with Thurston Moore these days) also made the trip to play SXSW. Local acts The Stapletons, patientZero and The Ralph Jones Band played the counter-SXSW fest, Red Gorilla, while Tim Carr and Jeremy Pinnell of The Great Despression were also allegedly in town (they’ve been on the road with Rocky Votolato), busking on the streets of Austin without an “official” showcase to play.

(Li’l update: Sara’s story can be read here.)

It’s become an annual tradition for me — reading and editing a writer’s story about South By Southwest and then kicking myself in the ass for not trying harder to go. (See CityBeat coverage from 2006 here, 2005 here, 2004 here, 2003 here and 2002 here.)

My first visit to South By Southwest was about 12 years ago now. We put one of the city’s reps, SHAG, on the cover and I did the usual, “Wow, there so much to see!” and “It’s all a big schmooze fest!” story, something that has become a bit of a cliché in write-ups about the festival/conference (and others like it) today. But reading stories by CityBeat correspondents every year, I’m indeed reminded of that exhilarating feeling of being totally overwhelmed by all of the options. I miss that.

I am so going to go next year.

— Mike Breen

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2 Comments on “Cincinnati Goes Down”

  1. Sara Yaste Says:

    i’m glad i made it sound so fun. so i tell the truth. that’s the whole point right?

  2. Sara Yaste Says:

    why aren’t there more women writing abot sxsw? i’m the only one. this is all about persective right? perspective objective. i’m gonna use that in a song tomorrow. and now i’m really going to bed.

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