True Colors Bleed Online

Wow, you gotta love the “blogosphere.” I was just reading up on Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors Tour,” a summer road trek headlined by Ms. Lauper and featuring some strong support acts, including Dresden Dolls, The Gossip, The Misshapes, Erasure, Rufus Wainwright and Debbie Harry. But I was more excited to see the tour’s intent, which is basically to bring attention to the baffling discrimination that still exists in the world against the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

On the tour’s Web site, Lauper says, “As an American I was raised to believe that all people have the right to live with the same dignity, opportunity and safety. This should include everyone no matter what gender or sexual orientation.”

A Google search for more information reveals that the sheer hatred this tour is fighting is thriving on the Internet (not surprising, I guess, since it thrives in the government, the millitary, the workplace, etc.). Recent right-wing blog posts have included these headlines: “NBC Promotes Leftist Gay Lobby’s Fundraising Tour” and “Cyndi Lauper on tour for GLBT Rights: Gay or Just a Marketing Ploy.” It’s the kind of spun story you’ll hear conservative pundits blathering about on Fox News for the next few days (since Fox is desperately scrambling for news not related to the Bush regime’s increasingly obvious incompetency, which is kind of hard to do right now).

I think it’s a great idea; bigotry against the GLBT community is something this country will feel great shame about in 50 years (much as we do today about the civil rights abuses against black people). And wouldn’t Cincinnati be a great place for this tour to visit, given the influential tactics of anti-gay/anti-free-speech group, Citizens for Community Values? Alas, we’re not on the tour schedule.

Given the music, it makes sense for this tour to stop in New York and San Francisco. But, given the message, wouldn’t it be more useful if it made stops in smaller towns in Alabama or Texas? Or right here in our sometimes backwards little town? Just a thought.

— Mike Breen

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3 Comments on “True Colors Bleed Online”

  1. Rita Says:

    I have loved Cyndi Lauper and her music for a very long time. Knowing that she is the “enemy” of the Citizens for Community Values makes me respect her even more.

    Her music has meant alot to me. “Time after Time” was playing everytime I went to visit my dad in the hospital dying from cancer.

    I’m confident Lauper has no fear.

    I wish her tour was closer to Cincinnati – I now have a craving to purchase a Lauper CD.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Amen. It’s nice to see that things like this are still on people’s radars, amidst all the other messes that are going on in our country today.

  3. Marilyn Says:

    Rita, I actually own “She’s so unusual”. It’s classic.

    Mike, I admire Cyndi for standing up for her convictions. If we ever rid the country of the twisted religious right, we might finally be in line with the teachings of Christ.

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