The Return of Perfect Jewish Couple

(photo: Perfect Jewish Couple)

Not only is the Internet a powerful tool for discovering new music, it’s also a pretty swell resource for finding old music. And every now and then it can even be used as a means of resurrection.

That’s what has happened to Perfect Jewish Couple, a Cincinnati-based “Minimal Synth”/New Wave band that played on the local underground scene (the old club, Metro, was one of their main stomping grounds) from 1983-1987. With synths, a drum machine, emotive vocals and violin, the group were one of the earliest examples of “Electronica” in the local music scene (think a more progressive, experimental version of Depeche Mode). The group released a 7-inch EP titled Menage A Trois in 1985, featuring the songs “The Fall” and “Step Back.” Ironically, it was “The Fall” that caused the new rise of PJC.

Around 2000, band members Shari Lauter (composer, producer, keys, violin) and Kelly Hale (vocals, lyrics) began to receive e-mails from Europe inquiring about the group. They found out that “The Fall” had been passed around to the point that it became something of a dance club hit in Germany. They also discovered the single up for bid on eBay. Lauter (who went on to co-found World music group/community activists Drums For Peace) found Hale in Florida to discuss the unexpected resurgence of their music and they decided to remaster the old recordings for their newfound fans.

The duo — who also have their song “Nuclear Blues” coming out later this year on a comp from the German label, Anna Logue Records — are set to release the new CD (their first!), titled Time Capsule, on April 29 at the Southgate House. To hear their songs “The Fall” and “Nuclear Blues,” check out their MySpace page here. For more on the group (including ordering details for the CD when it’s ready), check their official Web site.

— Mike Breen

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4 Comments on “The Return of Perfect Jewish Couple”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Ok, Mr. Breen, I’ve been consistently disappointed in music since the mid-90’s… (could be because I’m older than you at 88!), but I’ll give these folks a shot.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Well this band is from the middle 80’s Marilyn. So maybe they’re right up youre alley.

  3. Marilyn Says:

    Kenny, I’m embarrased to admit this, but in the 80’s I was all awash with raising kids. I missed most of the 80’s music! Well, except for Elvis Costello! Love that guy… PJC will be brand new to me.

  4. Shari says Says:

    Marilyn, my grandmother used to love us (and she was in her 80s in the 80s. I guess it was the violin that spoke to her. )
    Would love to see you at our show on April 29 at Southgate House, 9 pm 🙂
    PS Love Elvis Costello too!

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