Day 6: Protesters Convicted; Real Crime Ignored


A jury in Hamilton County Municipal Court today found all four of us guilty of trespassing for our anti-war sit-in last year at Congressman Steve Chabot’s office.

Judge David Stockdale sentenced us each to one day in jail, with credit for the time we served after our arrest; six months probation; 20 hours of community service; and court costs.

The entire sentence is on hold, pending appeal. As attorney Louis Sirkin explained after court, First Amendment cases are often lost at the trial court but won on appeal.

The real crime — the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq — went unpunished.

I have great respect and affection for my co-defendants — Ellen Dienger, Sister Mary Evelyn Jegen and Barbara Wolf. They stood for peace and, at trial, they boldly challenged the jury to do the same. We enjoyed a vigorous defense by attorneys committed to upholding our rights under the law. To attorneys Jay Clark, Bill Gallagher, Jennifer Kinsley, Scott Nazzarine and Louis Sirkin, our deep thanks.

— Gregory Flannery

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8 Comments on “Day 6: Protesters Convicted; Real Crime Ignored”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Spin, spin, spin. How about reporting the news instead of trying to make the news?

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Thanks to the protester’s for making a stand for peace!

    Sadly, not enough people seem to understand the real crimes being committed.

  3. Marilyn Says:

    So, Anonymous, in your world one can’t be a news editor and act on the conviction that peace and lives are infinitely valuable?

  4. yankadoodle Says:

    I admire all of you greatly for standing up. Thank you for representing those of us who don’t have the workplace flexibility ,or maybe more importantly, the hope, convictions, courage and energy to stand with you.

    Yo anon, it is impossible to be a news reporter and not be a part of the news. Nothing gets to be news until it’s been funneled through some sentient being who interprets it, prunes it, shapes it and then presents it — as “objective” reporting? Personally I like having the reporters who present my news to have values and biases that are clear to me and, as a bonus, to which I can relate.

  5. Marilyn Says:

    Wow, yankadoodle! Well said!

  6. BillJ Says:

    Could this have ended any other way in Cincinnati? Which is why I think the actions of the protestors are even more commendable. Thanks to all of you.

  7. your eleven o'clock Says:

    I am lucky to know Greg Flannery. I’m ashamed for all those, including myself, who weren’t there that day, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to try and match his candor, strength and humility. You’re change personified, friend. More power to you. (PS- I’m glad you don’t have to serve 30 days in jail … that Irish temper would need its own zip code!)

  8. hershel Says:

    Peace is understanding that we are at WAR first. Peace is creating a federated Iraq. Peace is entering into an agreement with thosue who can accept Israel and their right to exist. Peace will come when we understand that it is not possiable with all people. How do you have Peace with a people who wants to kill us.

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