Earth Day Music Exclusive

(photo: Paradise Artists)

The annual Earth Day celebration at Sawyer Point has been hit-or-miss over the years in terms of music. For every Guided By Voices, there’s a Knack. This year’s lineup is another mix of locals and national acts. What do you think so far?

The Smithereens: Still kickin’ after all these years, Pat DiNizio and the original members (makers of such great Pop songs as “A Girl Like You, ” “Blood and Roses” and “Behind the Wall of Sleep”) recently released Meet the Smithereens, a track by track recreation of The Beatles’ U.S. breakthrough, Meet the Beatles.

Peppertown: Another band originating out of Bright, Indiana (The Greenhornes were bred there), Peppertown have frequented Cincinnati clubs over the past few years and their proximity to the area makes them an honorary local band. The band’s new release, Firefly, is earning the band national attention.

Screaming Mimes: Local Pop/Rock faves with keen songwriting chops and an irresistable sense of humor.

Ellery (tentative) Though not confirmed yet, this sublime duo would be the perfect addition to the fest. The twosome has been riding high on the release of their debut, Lying Awake, released by Seattle’s Virt Records. The CD has led to national airplay and touring opportunities.

This year’s Earth Day festivities take place at Sawyer Point on April 21 from 1 p.m. until darkness falls. WNKU and CityBeat are sponsors.

— Mike Breen

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2 Comments on “Earth Day Music Exclusive”

  1. Matt Sledge Says:

    Holy crap, another chance to harrass my doppelganger. I’m there.

  2. citybeat Says:

    Sledge! You can be Pat’s “decoy” when he’s in town, so he doesn’t get hassled by fans too much. Get your autograph signing hand ready and start tuning up that voice so you can sing requests!

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