Friday’s Flicks

Let’s start with a little obit news: Longtime mainstream movie glossy Premiere bit the dust this week, the victim of declining circulation likely brought on by the rapid proliferation of online ’zines and other more timely forms of communication. April’s issue will be its last print edition, but the brand will continue — yes — as a web-only entity, though it’s uncertain how much of its staff or what kind of content will remain.

While not as literate as Film Comment or as much fun as some of the more esoteric fan-boy mags out there, Premiere was a reasonably informative purveyor of the Hollywood beat, often serving up worthwhile profiles of big-named talent that “less connected” magazines could never dream of scoring.


Opening films (click on grade to read review):

Breaking and Entering: B

Miss Potter: B-

300: C

The Ultimate Gift: D+

Flick of the Week: Breaking and Entering

Photo courtesy of The Weinstein Co.

Anthony Minghella’s dramatic thriller — which was scheduled to open here more than a month ago — finally sneaks into town this week. Yes, sneaks: I found out about its arrival an hour before we went to press. (Luckily, one of my trusty film contributors, tt stern-enzi, had already provided me with a review several weeks ago.) Where is it opening, you might ask? Western Hills Danbarry. When? 9:15 p.m. nightly.

Ah, the crazy, often senseless world of the Cincinnati movie market.

We’ve long heard rumors about friction between certain distributors and certain theater chains — thus the occasional first-run film opening at the various second-run theaters around town — but one daily screening at one theater for a film from an accomplished director that stars the likes of Jude Law and Juliette Binoche? And at the Western Hills Danbarry, a neglected, run-down shack of a movie house that probably hasn’t made one upgrade since its opening almost 10 years ago?

Everyone involved (from the filmgoer to the filmmaker and everyone in-between) deserves better. And studios wonder why more and more people wait for movies to be released on DVD.

— Jason Gargano

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