U.S. Military Kills Children in Cowardly Attack

(Photo: Salon.com)

Beneath The Cincinnati Enquirer‘s typical layer of headline garbage — cable companies offering television on cell phones and their latest piece supporting the fools at the so-called “Citizens for Community Values” — was this gem from the AP: “NATO Air Strike Hits Afghan House.”

U.S. troops chased two men with automatic weapons into civilian homes and bombed the homes to the ground, killing nine people — four of whom were children ages 6 months to 5 years — who happened to be in the way.

The explanation was this: “These men knowingly endangered civilians by retreating into a populated area while conducting attacks against coalition forces,” said Lt. Col. David Accetta, a U.S. military spokesman. “We observed the men entering a compound and that compound was targeted and hit by an air strike.”

And you, you SOB, your soldiers endangered civilians by dropping 2,000-pound bombs on their homes! I mean, are they kidding? Was Accetta drunk when he said this?

The actions of our troops were cowardly and morally repugnant. If there was a reason to use lethal force on the men being chased, there was reason for the soldiers to risk their own necks — instead of the necks of the families inside — and follow them into these homes with guns drawn. Dropping these bombs was knowingly killing innocents and an immoral move that should be prosecuted.

— Stephen Carter-Novotni

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3 Comments on “U.S. Military Kills Children in Cowardly Attack”

  1. rh Says:

    The transition from republic to empire will take thousands of lives. Mass killing has always been Uncle sam’s forte and his claim for superpower status is directly from Uncle’s demonstrated ability and will to kill hundreds of thousands in a few minutes.

    Uncle managed to kill and vaporize whole cities like hiroshima and Nagasaki (In order to save lives of course). It was amazing reading Uncle’s US educated maroons describing the killing of 200K+ civillians in order to save lives.

    Uncle’s is on a mass murdering binge with no seemingly no end.

  2. Marilyn Says:

    To throw the blame back onto the men they were chasing is reprehensible.

    I have hope that US citizens are awakening to the atrocities. This can’t and won’t be allowed to continue — the jig is up.

  3. David Gallaher Says:

    Why isn’t it somebody’s scandal that excessive firepower is being used in a mission to win over hearts and minds? Why don’t the generals in charge get rid of all the fighter jets and heavy artillery?

    I’d still be pessimistic about the outcome, but you would think what I’m suggesting would be a no-brainer even for the likes of Lieberman and McCain.

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