CiN Weekly’s Fantasy Fare


Someone at CiN Weekly faked it this week when they exulted over One Mo Cup of Coffee Cafe at 4116 Hamilton Ave. and its “great coffee drinks in comfortable surroundings.” I went there Friday morning to “pull up a chair and relax or enjoy a good conversation.” I wanted to “try the popular espresso-latte Chocolate Raspberry Treat with whipped cream topping,” and I hoped never to forget “a cookie, muffin, biscotti or specialty toast to go.” No such place. Closed so long ago that Northsiders couldn’t remember when it was open. Sometime last year, maybe, was the best I could get.

— Ben L. Kaufman

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4 Comments on “CiN Weekly’s Fantasy Fare”

  1. McKracken Says:

    Wait, does that mean we can’t trust them when they tell us how to skin a deer or how to dress for the Warped Tour? My whole world view has been destroyed.

  2. bobestes Says:

    Can’t wait to read their review of Buzz Coffeeshop and CD-o-Rama!

  3. reader Says:

    You guys are just jealous because Cin Weekly is kicking City Beat’s butt.

  4. McKracken Says:

    a) What would that have to do with reporting on a newspaper that isn’t doing its job correctly?

    b) Cin Weekly has a long, long way to go before it kicks anyone’s butt, let alone Citybeat’s. From readership to content, it’s no contest. You must be illiterate and only like pretty pictures, reader.

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