Another Thing Conservatives Are Bad At: Comedy

Fox News aired the debut of its new “comedy” show, The 1/2 Hour News Hour, last night. It’s the conservative answer to The Daily Show and its ilk, with jokes about Cindy Sheehan, Hillary Clinton and the ACLU instead of Bush and his clan. A mix of sketches (the opening was a rip off of the “President Al Gore” sketch on Saturday Night Live several months ago, this time featuring President Rush Limbaugh and VP Ann Coulter) and Weekend Update-style news reports, the show is executed so poorly, it comes off like something a real comedy group would come up with to make fun of what a conservative comedy show might look like. Now, I can overlook the blatant ripping off (the Daily Show producers should sue for copyright infringement) and, yes, I can take a joke at the expense of “my side” (that would be “the left”). But this show makes Jay Leno look like Richard Pryor. It’s just not funny. At all. There are public access shows that are more entertaining. See for yourself:

UPDATE: The reviews are pouring in and they’re not so good. But that’s the liberal media for ya.

— Mike Breen

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9 Comments on “Another Thing Conservatives Are Bad At: Comedy”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Wait, Fox News isn’t a comedy channel ALL the time?

  2. Jonathan Moore Says:

    I believe the Fox News show should have done politically incorrect comedy and thrown punches at both sides of the aisle, like It would been nice to have another comedy news show on TV but I am going to stick with Colbert Report and the Daily Show for now.

  3. Kenny Says:

    Conservatives have a hard time making fun of themselves, although I guess Bush does the “Yup, I’m dumb” thing every now and again. And then there was his high-larious “Where are the WMDs? Nope, not under my desk” little video skit he so tastefully did a few years ago (as parents were wondering why their kids were being killed based on a false pretense). Fox has said they wanted to offer something for those sick of all the Bush-bashing comedy. I think that’s a fair point — just be sure it’s funny. Get Dennis Miller and Norm McDonald to do a show (both conservatives; both pretty funny).

    Stewart DOES poke fun at both sides. He’s currently on a kick about the new Dem House and Congress. It should be intersting to see what he does if the Dems take back the presidency too. I think his focus will definitely turn to the left even more. And, most importantly, it will still be funny.

  4. userfriendly Says:

    Well, let’s look at this from Fox’s pov — they are a news organization and what crediable news organization would put out a comedy news show? Could you imagine CNN revamping “Fridays”? Perhaps Fox never meant the show as a comedy in the first place.

  5. Kenny Says:

    CNN International runs The Daily Show everywhere but in the States. But, again, at least that’s FUNNY!

    But good point — should “legit” (haha) news organizations be producing comedy shows at all? I mean, Keith Obermann’s pretty funny, but Countdown still has “news.”

    Two others who should stay away from comedy: Joe Scarborough and Nancy Grace. When the Duke Lacrosse rape case first came up, she did a bit where she threw to another reporter for rape “statistics.” The guy she threw it too began talking about college lacrosse statistics. And Nancy feigned, “No, no, the RAPE statistics, not the sports statistics.” It was cringey and creepy. Rape — ha ha, how very funny. I kinda like Scarborough, but his show is turning into Access Hollywood. And his occasional comedy “bits” are horrendous, in a 1/2 Hour News Hour kind of way.

  6. your eleven o'clock Says:

    B.O. jokes? Ouch. With such a crack team of “investigators,” I sure hope Obama isn’t prone to acne, boners or doo-doo headedness.

  7. commentator Says:

    Conservatives just aren’t funny. Case in point: look at the recently mentioned names on the blogs above – Norm McDonald – he’s funny. But really, Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Scarborough, Nancy Grace, and Dennis Miller (he is NOT funny) – they are just angry republicans. Just listen to them laugh – they can’t even laugh properly. They snort – terrible little snorts; and they gnash – terrible little teeth; and they waive – terrible little hands in the air and they tell us where the wild things are. And the wild things are in the jungle; the cities. They are the colored folks, the outcasts, the homeless and the intellectuals who, if you take some time and talk to him or her, are the easiest people to get to laugh. And, sometimes, as they throw their heads back, show their missing teeth, stretch their faces in tremendous grins, lift their skirts and open their fiction or poetry, you see the wild thing in all of us. And sometimes its pretty damn funny and pretty honest. Hmmm. Maybe republicans aren’t honest. Now that’s a thought.

  8. anon Says:

    Breen, your Leno-Pryor comparison ignores history. Leno’s Tonight Show may be lame mainstream comedy but in the mid-80’s Leno was probably the best stand-up going. And Richard Pryor was cashing in by appearing in lame mainstream comedy movies

  9. citybeat Says:

    Good point, but history will remember Leno as a soft, kiss-ass hack and Pryor will be remembered as the best stand-up ever.

    – breen

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