Who’s the Baddest Bald Woman Music Star?

What does it take to push back the Anna Nicole story for a nano-second on TV news? How about a shaved-bald Britney Spears? Now, we saw Britney’s “baldness” on the Internet a few weeks ago (look here, you pervert: NOT WORK SAFE), but this time she’s bald on the top of her head. Political statement? Self-destructive fatalism? A signification of rebirth? Mourning the loss of Kevin? Cry for help? Bat shit crazy? Don’t know, don’t care. But the “news” shows are running with it with a full, ahem, head of steam. God bless America.

But “Baldgate ’07” did have me thinking of other famous musical women who have — for varying reasons — shorn their locks and worn the chome-dome look proudly. (Note: we didn’t count the countless performers who are likely bald under their wigs or those who get superclose buzzcuts — we’re talking artists who defiantly let their non-hair blow in the wind.) The shaved-head look on men is often considered sexy — there’s a stigma attached to baldness for women though. Either they’re gay, sick or crazy, right? I don’t care. In fact, I love the fashion statement, perhaps the boldest a woman can make. Here’s the bald-headed music stars we love most:

1) Sinead O’Connor

No brainer to pick this no-hairer first. Sinead began her career bald, showing that a stunning voice and incredible musical talent (and, if we’re being honest, a gorgeous face) are more important than hair and fashion. It became a kind of anti-fashion fashion statement.

2) Meshell Ndegeocello

Like Sinead, Meshell’s baldness (which comes and goes, as she has flirted with peach fuzz and corn rows over the years) is reflective of her honest, intimate songwriting. The women in her songs — like the woman singing them — tell it like it is and don’t take no guff. It’s as if hair would get in the way of getting to the bottom of the emotional and social concerns in the songs. Again, a beautiful face must help a lot when making the desicion to go hairless.

3) Joan Jett

At the turn of the century, as Jett became more open about her sexuality and began to find worshipers in the Riot Grrl and Punk communities, Jett sheared off those trademark jet-black locks and looked a little like Demi Moore in G.I. Jane. Mess with her at your own peril. Sadly, she’s grown it back out. (NOTE: This is not the best picture of Joan, but it was one that best showed her don’t-fuck-with-me baditude.)

4) Skin

This enigmatic, kinda scary frontwoman for Brit rockers Skunk Anansie had a good run with her band in England and developed a cult following in the States. Chances are more people remember her for her look than for the band’s energetic “Clit Rock” (as Skin herself called it).

5) Gail Ann Dorsey

Like Meshell, Dorsey is a total double threat: bad-ass bassist and excellent vocalist. Dorsey may be best know for her stints touring with David Bowie (she sang Freddie Mercury’s parts on “Under Pressure” almost better than Freddie) and she’s also worked with the Indigo Girls, Tears for Fears and Skin (see above). She’s also maintained a low profile solo career.

6) Melissa Etheridge

Etheridge boldly appeared on the Grammys two years ago with a bald head. But it was not by choice — she’d been undergoing chemo treatment. She could’ve worn a hat or wig, but decided to let her skull shine bright to get people talking about cancer. For pure heart-strings value, Missy gets the top honors. As for how it actually looked … well, that would just be tasteless to comment on.

Anyone else? Leave some suggestions below. Music-related only, please (yes, we know Natalie Portman looked pretty hot in V for Vendetta).

— Mike Breen

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One Comment on “Who’s the Baddest Bald Woman Music Star?”

  1. Kenny Says:

    I think Brit looks hotter now! And, while she is “famous,” I don’t know exactly how “musical” she is. Funny post, nonetheless. Was Grace Jones bald? Or did she always sport that Gumby look?

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