Isolationist Ghiz

In a press release today, Cincinnati City Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz criticized members of the Finance Committee for a frivolous act of legislation that she called an “arbitrary resolution” related to the Iraq war — which really isn’t a war because Congress has yet to declare war, but that’s just splitting hairs. Right, Leslie?

“I cannot begin to understand the rationale behind addressing a federal policy prior to taking care of our own business,” Ghiz wrote. “We stand today with a $1 million bill in our hands for our police officers’ salaries, yet we are wasting time stating our opinion on the war in Iraq.”

Spoken like a true Cincinnatian: Damn national politics for “wasting our time,” we have REAL issues here! Ghiz talks about protecting paychecks as though the lives of cops and local citizens are hanging in the balance when  billions of dollars are being pulled away from domestic programs (such as helping cities in need) and attention is being distracted from domestic issues that contribute to the budget deficit in this town.

The word is balance. Cincinnati is part of the United State of America — a part of this world as much as our continent and other states, even though some of our political leaders think anything outside the city limits is irrelevant unless it’s related to economic development. To isolate ourselves from everyone else is shortsighted and just as irresponsible as screaming and yelling over budget issues instead of investing energy in creative solutions. Considering giving attention to a local, national and international issue, such as the Iraq war, a “waste of time” is to live with your heading the sand and your butt up in the air.

Oh, yeah, and how was this press release NOT a waste of time that could have been spent on dealing with that one-million-dollar thing?

— Margo Pierce

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2 Comments on “Isolationist Ghiz”

  1. The Dean Says:

    For more on Leslie Ghiz being a hypocrite, read this.

  2. Yossarian Says:

    Brava ghiz! Brava! I haven’t seen grandstanding like that since the last time Prof. Harold Hill lectured us on the immorals of a billard hall (Starts with “P”, that rhymes with “G” that stands for “ghiz” -lalalala).

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