Fisher in Residency

A musician taking up residency for regular weekly dates at a club is far from unique. Locally, Rock cover bands, as well as Jazz and Blues players, can often be found performing every week, on the same night, at the same venue. But for local original music bands and performers, it’s quite a bit more rare.

Last year, the Southgate House began hosting local artists in its small “Junie’s Lounge” room for monthly residencies. (The Comet in Northside has also been hosting Indie acts for residencies every Wednesday; this month, it’s The Seedy Seeds.) Every Wednesday of a particular month, the Newport venue has presented acts like The Trojan Rabbit, Norust and, for February, Michael McIntire and the Marmalade Brigade. Wednesdays are fairly dead nights when it comes to entertainment options, so the Southgate’s “Artist In Residency” series gives local music fans a free, intimate alternative to whatever airs on TV that night. It also gives the artists a chance to try out new material, work on building a crowd and bring in special guest openers (though some AIRers play two sets, sans opener).

In March, the series will feature a much higher profile artist than usual. Singer/songwriter Gran Bel Fisher is set to appear Wednesdays in March. Now based in L.A., Fisher is a native of Sabina, Ohio, and signed with Hollywood Records for his critically-acclaimed debut, Full Moon Cigarette. The critics and AAA radio loved it and he’s gone on to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack (he’ll be a guest on NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on Feb. 26). Fisher plays Southgate’s Lounge on March 7, 21 and 28 between regional tour dates (he’s in Atlanta on March 14, so he won’t be playing every Wednesday). Should be a cool chance to see a nationally-recognized up-and-comer in a tiny setting.

Here’s a look at Gran on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

— Mike Breen

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