Rockin’ Bush Out

George W. Bush will no longer be President after April 29.

At least that’s what Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello is saying. His plans don’t include direct contact with the Pres — or even a tersely worded online petition (’cause those are so effective). Instead, Morello told that his former band Rage Against the Machine’s reunion show at the huge Coachella music festival in California this spring is all it’s going to take to rid the world of W. Morello says the band’s one-off reunion was devised to “deliver a knockout blow” to the current administration, adding “Is it coincidence that in the seven years that Rage Against the Machine has been away that the country has slid into right-wing purgatory? I think not.”

By that reasoning, could we not blame Audioslave’s watered-down Corporate Rock for encouraging the right-wing uprising? We’ve heard Karl Rove had a hand in producing their first album. And Scooter Libby might or might not have once been the band’s “guitar tech.” If Rage can do this with one show, what will a full-scale Roth-included Van Halen reunion tour do? Bye, bye, global warming!

Here’s a link to a story about the story, because is so loaded down with extraneous shit right now it takes forever to load.

— Mike Breen

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