Ack, It’s Snowing!

Hey, look outside your apartment window. This is happening right now:

Remember to apply steady, even pressure on your brakes. Have fun!

— Snowbirds at CityBeat

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3 Comments on “Ack, It’s Snowing!”

  1. WestEnder Says:

    What the…

    Where is that?

  2. David "NaCl" Gallaher Says:

    Let’s see…
    We know Bush is creating enemies faster than he can kill them.
    We know his and Peter Bronson’s War on Drugs is creating terrorists right here in my ‘hood faster than they can be incarcerated into Semper Si’s jail-industrial-injustice complex.

    So, could it be we are creating the “White Death” faster than we can salt it?

    Is it time for a War on Salt?
    Just axin’.

  3. Pathetic Says:

    West Ender, you’ll see harrowing situations like this on River Road.

    OK, it snowed & snowed. I’ve had enough. I’m waiting for Spring.

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