Friday’s Flicks

You’d think things would get better coming off the largely weak week that was (only Smokin’ Aces looked remotely interesting among the big studio releases). Well, think again — it’s actually worse. Only two movies open this week, one of which didn’t screen before our print deadline, the other of which isn’t screening at all. Never a good sign.

Lackluster options for local moviegoers was a bonanza for yours truly: I spent last week taking in 3.5 movies a day at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, my first such trek to the indie movie Mecca. (Check out my and Steven Rosen’s coverage.) Just about everything I caught was worthwhile and/or of interest (one of the advantages of arriving mid-fest is that you can avoid those films with bad word of mouth, like the Southern gothic train wreck that was the controversial Hounddog).

I digress… The downturn in release quantity/quality shouldn’t come as a surprise: February is notoriously abysmal when it comes to studio offerings. And next week is not looking much better.

Opening films (click on grade to read review):

Because I Said So: D+

The Messengers: Not screened for review

Flick of the Week: Super Bowl XLI

Yeah, you’re probably be better off checking out the Indianapolis Colts/Chicago Bears game than subjecting yourself to Diane Keaton’s latest semi-comedy and whatever the The Messengers claims to be about. (Not a sports fan? There are still plenty of year-end films worthy of investigation.)

Comes down to the two quarterbacks: Colts 27, Bears 20.

Oh, and while I’m making proclamations: The new Shins record is better than Pitchfork’s 7.0 ranking (and certainly better than their underwhelming live shows) but not as strong as NME might have you believe.

— Jason Gargano

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