Send Them to Washington

(Photo: Matt Borgerding)

A rally tonight in Clifton will send hundreds of people from Greater Cincinnati on their way to a national anti-war demonstration in Washington, D.C., according to Kristen Barker, an organizer with the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center (IJPC). A bus chartered by IJPC quickly filled, and a waiting list was set up for those still hoping to attend.

A large group of students from the University of Cincinnati is also headed to the protest, as is City Councilman David Crowley. The march and demonstration tomorrow are being organized by United for Peace and Justice.

A send-off will begin at 9 p.m. tonight at St. John’s Unitarian Church in Clifton. The rally will be a spirited affair, with music and a “hilarious and hard-hitting piece of street theater entitled Putting the War on Trial,” Barker says.

— Gregory Flannery

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One Comment on “Send Them to Washington”

  1. David Gallaher Says:

    I wish I could go.
    Best wishes to all who do.
    We are surely in the midst right now of a “tipping point” putting an end to this insane adventure of our President and Vice President.

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