Rabid About Cincy Music

Writer, ’zine publisher and die-hard supporter of independent and underground music, Jack Rabid, was in Greater Cincinnati earlier this month and he recently wrote a little about his trip at the Web site for his long-running ’zine, The Big Takeover. On his weekly Top 10 list, Rabid cites seeing the recently reunited Libertines U.S. (they added the U.S. to avoid confusion with the cracked-up U.K. version, but they’ll always be the real Libertines to me) as his No. 1 musical experience. Rabid has long championed the band (one of the finest in Cincy in the ’80s) and, in his write-up, he says he’s waited 20 years to see them play live. To hear what the fuss was/is all about, check out the band’s Reunion EP, an overview collection the band has sold out of, but you can still buy at this download shop.

Scroll down the Top 10 list and you’ll find Rabid’s praise for another Cincinnati act, (in)camera. Rabid said he picked up their EP while visiting Shake It Records and hearing it in the store. The band is currently working on a new release, but you can hear the EP right now, right here. Or pick one up at Shake It. Tell ’em Jack sent ya!

— Mike Breen

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2 Comments on “Rabid About Cincy Music”

  1. Not the Mamma Cass! Says:

    unrelated but worthy of comment:

    Kevin Osborne wrote: “‘They had their weapons out and ready,” says Garry, a neighborhood activist and advocate for low-income families who has run unsuccessfully for Cincinnati City Council. ‘”

    And you, Kevin, haven’t run for shit. Please don’t become The New Howard Wilkinson, sporting an ever-present cigarette and mullet, and describing those who might choose to commit themselves to public service as “first time candidates,” “never been elected”s, and other disparaging terms used, in Howard’s case, as compensatory mechanisms for his own failures-to-achieve-anything-of-significance-other-than-flipping-burgers-at-Mary-Armor’s-poorly-attended-Memorial Day Weekend-parties.

  2. It was fun to meet Jack at the gig. Super cool guy, very frenetic and NY, as you’d expect. He had some great comments about being flown down to Miami to interview Iggy for Spin. The Libertines & Wojo both brought their A-games, it was a great show.

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