Crowley, the Diplomat, Withdraws His Name

Hoping to end the political in-fighting that has racked Cincinnati City Council during the past week, Councilman David Crowley today withdrew his name from consideration as an appointee to a local policy-making board.Mayor Mark Mallory had nominated Crowley for the Hamilton County Transportation Improvement District (TID) board. Crowley was to replace Councilman Jeff Berding, who had just finished completing the unexpired term on the board of another councilman who lost re-election last year.

But Berding objected to possibly being replaced, privately calling it punishment for defying the mayor during budget negotiations in December. To make his case, Berding and his supporters noted that Mallory nominated Councilman John Cranley for reappointment to the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI). The mayor described the reappointment as a “professional courtesy” as Cranley still is on council and remained interested in the position.

Some council members alleged that Mallory was applying a double standard to the appointments, punishing Berding for disagreeing with the mayor on the budget and rewarding Cranley for supporting Mallory’s proposals.

City council was supposed to vote on the appointments last Thursday but, after Mallory huddled with members at the meeting, the decisions were delayed for at least one week.

In a letter to Mallory and council members today, Crowley withdrew from consideration.

“My keen interest in the transportation issues under the jurisdiction of the TID are outweighed by my desire to foster a civil and productive atmosphere among city council,” Crowley wrote. “In my mind, this is far more important than engaging in battles over whom you as the mayor wish to appoint to a given board or commission. In the end, it should be your decision as the mayor and in the future I will continue to support you in this regard.

“It is my hope that this action will enable us, the city leaders, to focus our collective energies on the many other critical issues facing our city such as the needless violence on our streets and the lack of economic opportunity for certain segments of our community,” Crowley’s letter continued.

In heated budget deliberations last month, five council members — Berding, Chris Bortz, Laketa Cole, Leslie Ghiz and Chris Monzel — endorsed a budget proposal that was opposed by Mallory, Cranley, Crowley and two other council members. A compromise spending plan eventually was reached after numerous hours of negotiations. Bitter feelings lingered among some members, however, although it was unclear if the entire faction, particularly Bortz and Cole, would’ve agreed to block Cranley’s reappointment.

Mallory’s board appointments involve helping make important policy decisions for the region. The TID board oversees transportation planning in the area and decides which road projects are priorities; OKI coordinates projects among area cities and townships and helps allocate millions of dollars in federal grants.

— Kevin Osborne

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6 Comments on “Crowley, the Diplomat, Withdraws His Name”

  1. Crowley is soooo good Says:

    You have got to be kidding me. The best part of his “i am above all this” letter is: ”

    “In my mind, this is far more important than engaging in battles over whom you as the mayor wish to appoint to a given board or commission. In the end, it should be your decision as the mayor and in the future I will continue to support you in this regard.”

    I guess that is sort of what he did last year when he went on a tirade because Mallory didn’t appoint him as a committee chairman? Doesn’t he remember his moving “I will not be kicked off the island” speech in front of God and country? And his email to everyone under the sun with Mallory’s cell phone number in the text?

    He is getting a bit forgetful.

    Crowely will never get my vote.

  2. Natasha Says:

    Maybe he’s related to Aleister Crowley?

  3. Seriously, do these clowns actually do anything besides piss on each other’s turf? No freaking wonder Northern Kentucky gets all of the good developments.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It’s too bad he didn’t show a little back bone.

  5. Matt Says:

    Crowley’s brand of old fashioned liberalism just doesn’t sell with this new breed of democrats headed by Jeff Berding.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    “new breed of democrats headed by Jeff Berding” . . . by this you mean , Republicans.

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