Super Bloopers in The Enquirer

I usually refrain from poking fun at mistakes in other media outlets, mostly because I’m a big believer in “There but for the grace of God go I.” But an item in this morning’s Enquirer tickled me so much I have to comment.

On the front of the Sports section is an information box dealing with the Chicago Bears’ and Indianapolis Colts’ wins in yesterday’s NFL conference championship games. It’s amazing that such a short item would contain such major problems.

Here is the Super Bowl item in its entirety:

Super experience
The Bears have only been to one Super Bowl in the franchise’s 86 years, and they came away with a win. The Colts have two championship appearances in their franchise’s 48 years, but both came when the team was located in Baltimore.

First off, saying the Bears have been to one Super Bowl in franchise history is sort of like saying that UC has never won the Big East title in 104 years of playing college basketball. Both statements are technically true, but they’re extremely misleading.

The Super Bowl has existed for not even half of the Bears’ franchise history, and they won eight NFL championships before the Super Bowl was invented. In fact, they’re second to only the Green Bay Packers in most championships won in league history.

The Colts have existed for 53 years, not 48 — the Baltimore Colts began NFL play in 1953. Like the Bears, they won several NFL titles before the Super Bowl came into being, including what’s generally regarded as the most famous NFL championship game ever, the 1958 overtime win over the New York Giants.

Before this year, the Colts actually were in five NFL championship games and won three titles, including the 1970 Super Bowl. As the Enquirer item correctly noted (hooray!), all of those appearances occurred while the team was located in Baltimore.

— John Fox

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