Peace Protesters’ Trial Postponed

(Photo: Matt Borgerding)

We were all set for trial at 9 a.m. today. Our witnesses were ready. Our attorneys were ready. The judge was ready.

Things often move slowly in Hamilton County Municipal Court, so it wasn’t until 1 p.m. that we learned the city prosecutor has a vacation scheduled beginning Friday. The judge told her he couldn’t guarantee our trial would be finished by Friday, and she might miss her vacation. The prosecutor then requested a continuance, and the judge granted it.

Now our trial has been postponed until March 5. We still want to put the war on trial; we just have to wait longer for our chance to get it.

The photo above shows us during the sit-in at Congressman Steve Chabot’s office last fall. It should be clear from the photo what a riotous bunch we were. The people accused of criminal trespass are, from left to right, seated, Sister Mary Evelyn Jegen, Barbara Wolf, Shannon Isaacs and Ari Staiger; and, facing them, Ellen Dienger, the Rev. John Rich and myself.

— Gregory Flannery

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14 Comments on “Peace Protesters’ Trial Postponed”

  1. Peter Deane Says:

    Good luck to you all. I hope they dismiss this case on account that you are “in the end” protesting violence not only in the world but as a community. We need to be questioned deeper on how our leaders veiw violence as a whole. How many dead last year in Hamilton County from violence? How many came home in body bags? How much more shall we suffer at the hands of those that lead a death march towards our final destruction, not only as a community of faith, but as to and also include all others everywhere.

    So many say that it starts at home. I hope the leaders of the leaders of my community give a voice to those fighting for a peaceful resolution to all human conflict everywhere. I know a few areested in Cincinnati fighting for peace. They were arrested for wanting to speak to their Congressman about the violence that he wants to send our daughters and sons into.

    I don’t think that’s a crime. I believe that we here in Hamilton County have not figured out the issue of violence that grips the way we live for each other. How long must we have to wait for answers to come to us?

    My brother just came home from Iraq this month. He again will be fighting for peace, I believe. Thank God that he came home in one peice. I pray that violence will lesson this year everywhere. I pray that those fighting for peace remain free from guilt and able to do it again in peace.

    To the peacemakers non-violent…
    freedom always should be yours
    children of God you are called!
    Peter Deane

  2. Molly Says:

    Good luck to you.

  3. Natasha Says:

    Huh! In the real world, we schedule our vacations with an eye toward “working it in”. So we look at the work calendar and decide on vacation days we KNOW will work.

    I guess it is much more complicated for all those public servants.

  4. Truth Says:

    Greg, if you really want to get the truth out — that’s what a reporter is suppose to do, right — why don’t you post the transcript from the judges hearing on the motion filed by the House attorney? While you, and your attorney, have been making false accusations, looks like the judge saw right through it. Other, non-biased media, have reported that Chabot said he was in Washington at the time and did not personally witness what took place…not that he didn’t know about the protest or meet with you after the fact. I guess we should expect your reporting to be biased, you are making the news (protesting/getting arrested) and then trying to report it. How is that fair?

  5. Gregory Flannery Says:

    Dear Truth, I don’t need the trascript; I was at the hearing. The motion filed by Chabot’s attorney says, “Congressman Chabot was not present and has no first-hand knowledge of what transpired in the Cincinnati office on Sept. 27 or of any facts relevant to defendants’ cases.” We disagree. Chabot’s staff said they told him we were there. We’d like to question Chabot about what he knew. Why, for example, did Chabot’s staff wait seven hours to have us arrested — was it because Chabot told them to? If so, didn’t that give us permission to be there? Lack of permission is central to a charge of trespassing, and maybe the jury would like to know what Chabot said and did during our sit-in.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Citybeat should post the transcript so everyone can see what really happened, that would put an end to all this.

    Are you saying that the protestors were never asked to leave, just arbitrarily arrested?

  7. Gregory Flannery Says:

    No, I’m saying Steve Chabot has information relevant to the case and therefore should have to testify.

  8. Natasha Says:

    Not to mention, it appears that Chabot has lied saying he has no information relevant to the case just to avoid testifying.

  9. NBS Says:

    But even if Chabot were called to testify–ostensibly because he knows about the trespass–your attorney still is not going to be able to ask him about the war in Iraq. The judge is going to say that line of questioning is irrelevant, and shut it down.

    You all have said that the whole point is to “put the War on trial,”–I just don’t see how you all will ever be allowed to do that. The evidentiary rules are set up to prevent precisely that sort of defense.

  10. Gregory Flannery Says:

    Dear NSB, evidence about the war is necessary and admissible because our defense against the charge of trespassing is that we were privileged to be on the property because of the necessity to act to prevent a greater harm, namely the loss of human life in Iraq. A defense of necessity is allowed in Ohio law.

  11. The King Says:

    I hate Dorothy Day House liberals. I hope you all see jail time. Every day I rejoice that Maurice McCracken is dead.

  12. Natasha Says:

    To The King: Exactly WHY do you hate ‘Dorothy Dave House liberals’?

    You rejoice that a person is dead? Maurice McCracken ain’t exactly Hitler or Bush…

    YOU, sir, are the scary kind of person that I always avoid.

  13. Natasha Says:

    Ooops, I typed too enthusiastically. I mean to write, Exactly WHY do you hate ‘Dorothy Day House liberals’… My bad.

  14. Peter Deane Says:

    Hmmmmmm… Dorothy Day loved Mother Treasa. And Mother Treasa loved Dorothy Day. I wonder what “The King” (Kabaca Oba called himself a king) thinks of Mother Treasa and non-violence? What does he think of violence in our own community?

    I hope this man that calls himself a king knows the ways of nonviolence. There’s a congressman in Hamilton County Ohio that, I am sure, has no idea how to meet with peacemakers and wants to lock them up! And with this much violence in our community how can he even imply that we lock up our peacemakers? He just might be own that doesn’t know anything of the ways of Mother Treasa… Dorothy Day for that matter.

    The Seven Non-violent Peacemakers in Cincinnati must be set free!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are nonviolent peacemakers!!!!!!!


    Peter Deane

    A Resident of Hamilton County, Ohio

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