Depressed? Get in Line

(Photo: Karin Higgins)

Feeling depressed today? You’re not alone.

A British researcher says today — Monday, Jan. 22 — is the unhappiest day of the entire year for many people, according to an article in London’s Evening Standard newspaper. Cliff Arnall, a psychologist at Cardiff University, created a formula to gauge factors that contribute to seasonal depression during winter. Arnall’s formula examines six factors that include debt, weather, low motivational level, time passed since Christmas, time passed since failing New Year’s resolutions and the feeling of a need to take action.

Taken together, the factors converge for most people today, which the newspaper has nicknamed “Blue Monday.”

On the bright side, things can only get better from here, I suppose.

— Kevin Osborne

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2 Comments on “Depressed? Get in Line”

  1. The King Says:

    I’m concerned about that photo. Somebody needs to refill the Dean’s lithium. And for godsakes, take his belt away from him.

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