A Well Groomed Screw-Up

(Photo: Nottimghamshire.gov.uk)

If you’re a politician, sometimes it’s easier to admit mistakes and shortcomings to people you don’t know than it is to admit them to a hometown audience.

An area congressman admits in a recent national article that the Republican Party is short on new ideas, and that’s one reason the GOP fared so poorly in November’s elections.

U.S. Rep. John Boehner (R-West Chester), the House Minority Leader, said in the political newspaper Roll Call on Wednesday, “You could say that our reservoir of new ideas is low. … To some extent, you could argue that we got lazy.”

In the article, Boehner also is quoted as saying that congressional Republicans need to devise a new political agenda but hasn’t yet decided what proposals it will include.

“We’re still in that listening mode, and we’re going to have to come to some decision on how to proceed here soon,” he said.

Let’s see if Boehner’s admission gets reported over at The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Politics Extra blog, which has been known to have notoriously fawning coverage of the well-coiffed congressman, focused more on his hair and fashion choices than his policy making.

— Kevin Osborne

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One Comment on “A Well Groomed Screw-Up”

  1. mc Says:

    “Listening mode?” Is he kidding?

    The neo-cons listened but only to their usual sources. Being surrounded by the same kinds of people always yields the same results. Watch the Iraq escalation debate. Bush is removed from the rest of the nation as usual. He can’t even hear dissent.

    All this latest group of politicians did was reverse-speak and it worked for a little while. It wasn’t laziness. They just lied too much. Everybody has had it with the perpetual lying and said so in November. What is the mystery for Boehner?

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