Media Reform Movement Growing

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

When I made plans to cover the National Conference for Media Reform, I thought very little about the event’s host city, Memphis. I attended the two previous conferences in Madison and St. Louis and knew Midwestern cities were chosen as an overture to the activists in these areas, which, being principally red states, would benefit most from a restructuring of the media industrial complex. But it’s symbolic and strategic to hold this event on Martin Luther King Day weekend in a city that’s 61 percent black. It’s a move to meet people of color in the middle of America.

That’s needed here. I criticized the organizers last time for not being responsive enough to people of color. Race and class are key to this struggle. It’s about access and telling the stories of everyone, not just the rich.

I understand 3,000 people are here this time. It keeps growing, and the movement keeps moving. About a dozen participants are from Cincinnati. Look for upcoming coverage from CityBeat.

You can also catch live coverage of the event at the Free Press Web site.

— Stephen Carter-Novotni

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