Mallory Calls Secret Meeting on Nazis

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The Nazis might be coming to Cincinnati on Martin Luther King Jr. Day next week, but Mayor Mark Mallory doesn’t want you — or local reporters — to know about it.

Mallory held a private, off-the-record meeting today at City Hall with the top editors of some of the city’s newspapers and the news directors of local TV stations. Sources say Mallory wanted to notify attendees about the possibility that members of the Nationalist Socialist Movement were mulling whether to march on Fountain Square Monday on the holiday that commemorates the slain civil rights leader.

Members of the neo-Nazi group distributed flyers announcing the march on the University of Cincinnati campus during the recent winter holiday break. The same group marched through a mostly black neighborhood in Toledo in October 2005, causing a small riot as residents took to the streets in protest and chased them off.

Among those attending today’s meeting were Hollis Towns, Cincinnati Enquirer managing editor; Mike Philipps, Cincinnati Post editor; Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Cincinnati Herald publisher; and executives from WCPO-TV and other local stations, sources say. CityBeat’s editor wasn’t invited.

When Enquirer reporter Dan Klepal and Post contributor Joe Wessels tried to enter the meeting, they were physically blocked by Jason Barron, Mallory’s press secretary.

At the private meeting, Mallory told attendees that it appears the Nazi group might now instead be planning to march in Troy, Ohio, on Jan. 15, and head to Cincinnati next year, when the national NAACP holds its annual convention in the Queen City.

The National Socialist Movement, which is known for its racist and anti-Semitic views, is notoriously hungry for publicity and tries to time its public demonstrations for maximum exposure. Still, Mallory reportedly didn’t try to strike any deals regarding coverage of a possible Nazi march here but wanted to make the news executives aware it could happen, sources said.

Later in the day, Mallory cancelled his weekly press briefing for reporters, citing illness.

— Kevin Osborne

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6 Comments on “Mallory Calls Secret Meeting on Nazis”

  1. checkmate Says:

    Kevin should have tried to enter the room with Klepal and Wessells. Two Bishops joined by a queen might have overtaken the pawn Barron.

  2. Holbrook Says:

    I have never understood why one wants to be a Nazi or why would one ever becomes involved in a hate group to begin with. I guess it stems from such a desperate need for belonging and attention that the members would resort to being bonded together by something as horrible as hate.
    I am all about freedom of speech, I just wish the National Socialist Movement members would choose a difference place than Cincinnati, maybe a cornfield in the middle of nowhere to spread their message.
    Any person that can bear witness to the horrors of what the Nazi’s did and say that it was such a good idea that they want to ressurect the ideals of the orginal movement, need to talk with a therapist. Now I am not trying to be funny or put anyone down when I say this, but any human being who could side with a group that, exploited, raped, and killed children needs to tak to a professional about why they feel such hate. They need to be educated as to what the Nazi Party really did, how they tried to breed women with animals, and would conduct horrible medical experiments without pain numbing medicines on people while they were awake, just to see what happened. How they destroyed and ruined their country.
    Mallory’s keeping secretive on this subject and giving the Nazi party as little exposure as he could in the media was the best thing he could do. If they don’t have an audience they wont come.

  3. Pathetic Says:

    “Later in the day, Mallory cancelled his weekly press briefing for reporters, citing illness.”

    Yeah, I guess he got sicker than a pup when he found out his State Rep brother, Dale Mallory, was a no show at his 9AM court hearing on Tuesday.

    Sorry the brother Mayor & brother Judge were the last to know about the no show. The story took off in the communities like wildfire.

  4. CincyRealityCheck Says:


    Is honesty only supposed to be applied to the causes you feel deem worthy of such? You state that the truth about the Nazi’s should be told but keeping the potential presence of a Nazi group is better kept as a secret. You can’t have it both ways.

    Bottom line: Honesty IS the best policy. By being direct about what was potentially planned, Mallory had a chance to underscore the despicability of the group, to educate our community and present the situation as an opportunity to develop awareness about all of the things you mentioned. It IS possible to create a positive out of a negative with a little creativity and thoughtfulness.

    Instead he played politics resulting on a focus that centers on his poor behavior instead of where it belongs – on the possibility that this group will be here in 2008 – so that as a community we have a chance to prepare. Community education takes time and planning, and you can only have that if you know the truth about what’s going on.

    How about we deal with reality here and hold Mallory accountable for botching the situation and setting things right by directing people to resources about the Nazi’s, the Holocaust and proposing that the city take the lead in organizing some educational activities and pro-inclusion demonstration for the week the NAACP is in town in 2008.

    We have to make sure this Mayor of ours walks the talk of his campaign rhetoric! This kinds of stunt ain’t it!

  5. nati red Says:

    What a shock that not only did mayor mallory fail to notify the city, UC failed to even acknowledge that the fliers appeared on campus.

    This is Cincinnati and he is the mayor, what else should we expect?

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