‘Values Democrat’ Running for Kentucky Governor

Jonathan Miller, who spoke last month in Cincinnati, has announced he is running for governor of Kentucky. Miller, serving his second term as state treasurer, is a Democrat. He appeared Nov. 8 at Hebrew Union College and discussed his book, The Compassionate Community.

“When we act in service to others, that’s when we’re acting in our most morally valuable way,” Miller said. “We owe special compassion to those in our society who are most vulnerable — our old, our very young, our poor, our disabled. As the prophets teach us in the Hebrew Bible, we can judge a society’s value in how it treats its (victimized).”

— Gregory Flannery

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2 Comments on “‘Values Democrat’ Running for Kentucky Governor”

  1. Greg Says:

    I heard Miller speak at Wise Temple and look forward to reading his book. How nice to have a “red state” candidate who doesn’t preach values by de-valuing others (gays, immigrants, etc). It’d be nice to see a new generation of progressives emerge with the strong message that morality’s best measure is a society’s treatment of its most vulnerable (and easy to ignore) populations.

  2. Miller fan Says:

    He’s a great guy. We in Ohio should help him.

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