Friday’s Flicks

For a second week in a row, things are looking pretty underwhelming at the movie house. We’ve got five new films, none of which I’ve actually seen, and only one of which I intend to check out.

(Not surprisingly, the two National Lampoon releases weren’t screened for critics, American Hardcore, as is often the case with art-house fare, didn’t have a local screening and Turistas screened the day we went to press. Ah, the perils of weekly publication.)

But there’s hope on the horizon — a smattering of anticipated and/or intriguing films open between now and the end of the year (Blood Diamond, Volver, The Good Shepard, Children of Men, Pan’s Labyrinth and Dreamgirls).

Opening films (click on grade for full-length review):

American Hardcore: B

The Nativity Story: C-

Pledge This!: Not screened for review

Turistas: C+

Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj: Not screened for review

Flick of the Week: American Hardcore

I’ve always been fascinated by the late-’70s, early ’80s Punk and Post Punk scenes, a period in which commercial concerns were largely put on the back burner in favor of something raw, vital and often out of control.

I vividly remember reading Jon Savage’s 656-page Punk scene opus England Dreaming over one long, coffee- and snow-infested weekend. It left a deep impact, one that still resonates to this day. More than anything, its illuminating contents connected the dots between how cultural climate informs art and expression and vice versa.

And while I was too young to partake in the local scene at the time — a scene Steven Rosen discusses in his review above — Paul Rachman’s documentary looks like a worthy investigation of the American wing of the Hardcore movement.

— Jason Gargano

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One Comment on “Friday’s Flicks”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Can’t wait to see American Hardcore. Too bad it’s at the Esquire. When’s the DVD?

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