Workers Uniting Against the War

War has always been the enemy of working people. War wastes on destruction valuable resources that could pay for improvements in our infrastructure, job training, better schools, social services to help families and free health care for all.

This weekend workers from across the country are gathering in Cleveland to stand against the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. The North Shore Federation of Labor and U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW), a national network of more than 140 unions, labor councils and other labor organizations, are organizing a demonstration at the Federal Building in Cleveland on Saturday. A march will begin from Crown Plaza Hotel at 2:30 p.m., leading to a rally at the Federal Building Plaza. The theme of the demonstration is to demand the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and a reprioritization of federal spending to meet human needs in this country and abroad.

USLAW’s national conference Dec. 2 and 3 features U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the only real anti-war candidate in the 2004 presidential election; Cindy Sheehan, AKA the Peace Mom; Baldemar Velasquez of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee; and Iraqi union leaders from Basra and Baghdad.

— Gregory Flannery

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9 Comments on “Workers Uniting Against the War”

  1. David Gallaher Says:

    There was an old hermit named Dave
    who kept a dead whore in his cave.
    He knew damn well
    that she smelled like hell,
    but think of the money he saved!

    If that was obscene, it was nothing compared to the idea of being motivated to end a war by the money that would be saved.

  2. Westside John Says:

    PLEEEEESE STOP, I am getting so sick of the “Anti-War” whiners. I can sum this up in a short story that most (but not all) the libs out there may understand…..A little boy stands at his front window and sees a man yelling at his neighbor across the street from the sidewalk. He asks his father what is going on. The father says it is not our concern, don’t worry about it. The next day the boy sees a man standing at the front door of of the same neighbor and he is yelling and pounding his fist on the door. The boy tells his father who says don’t worry about it it is not our problem. He then pulls down the shade. The following day the boy sees the man throwing rocks at the neighbors house and he is destroying his car. The boy tells his father who says “Listen son we can’t get involved in the affairs of our neighbors…that would not be polite and it really isn’t our business.” The man pulls his son away from the window and pulls the shade. The next day the man is standing at the window and the boy comes to his side, the man is looking at the neighbors house which is engulfed in flames. two EMS are rolling a gurney to the ambulance with a covered sheet on it. The boy looks up at his father and says “Was there anything we could have done to prevent this dad?” The father looks down at his son and says “No son, we can’t get involved in other peoples problems, there is a system in place for that.” They both turn away from the window……………The next day there is a man at their door yelling and pounding his fist on the door! We all live in a world of overlapping agendas. Sure we are in Iraq for more than to topple Suddam, we are there for the oil, to establish a strong western presense. If you sit back and let the world go by and not stop tyranny if you can it will come back to bite you. Sure alot of celebs are against the war stating that it is meddling in the affairs of another country but then the same ones want us to go over to Africa and meddle in the affairs of countries there. Sure feeding the hungry is great but most of the places we send food, the vast majority of the people that are hungry don’t see it because it goes to the ones in power. Nobody or nation is perfect, WE at least are trying to better the world. I hope you know from being over to the middle east what is REALLY going on there and not relying on the press/media. Oh and lastly Sheehan is a vindictive woman who is using her sons honorable sacrifice to sooth her loss. He went there willingly, as a volunteer. She is dishonoring his service and those that keep this country free.

  3. Westside John Says:

    I forgot, if the government were to threaten to take their contracts to non-union companies the Union’s attitudes would change in a heartbeat

  4. MC Says:

    Long ago and far away, John Kerry tried to address this when he made his lame joke about where college students might end up if they don’t good grades. Charles Rangel makes this point with his annual discussion about the draft.

    The phenomenon is well known. Of course, we also know that any mention of the facts brings out the usual attacks on our patriotism from the all usual suspects. However, the non-wealthy risk their lives to serve their nation regularly. They are the average, working people who do not make the corporate billions from war.

    The decision to risk their lives is made by the wealthy and powerful, whose families rarely serve in battle. Their cries of partriotism and the need for war do not seem to call for actual service in that war. It seems to be easier to call for invasion when you yourself are safe and secure at home, waving a flag and calling yourself a patriot. The sacrifice is a tad unequal and this needs to change.

    If we intend to keep making war by whim, then every one of us should make the sacrifice and serve. It seems only fair. Men, women, young and old, rich and poor, all should serve in some manner. Being protected from the costs of war makes us very comfortable in assigning sacrifices to others. It is criminal to expect a few to make all the sacrifices for the rest of us. If more of us served we would see fewer wars and less smug hypocracy about it. Another despised Democrat and decorated war veteran, John Murtha, has mentioned this before.

    I hope that with the event above we will begin to see the truth we used to know and move to change the situation. If there is service needed for the country then all of us who live here should serve, even the politicians who never have before.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ralph Nader was a real anti-war candidate. They were both right on the issue and that’s why the corporate media outlets like GE kept them marginalized. The media manufactures consent by keeping ant-war voices off your tv. Just ask Donahue.

  6. Natasha Says:

    “anti war whiners”? That’s a humorous term. Like, should we be be pro-war shouters? Hip Hip Hooray for death and all that?

    I understand your story just fine. But it illustrates no conceiveable justification for the current war and how it all came to be.

  7. mc Says:

    Isn’t is funny that no matter what the truth is, we insist that invasion and killing is correct? We went in under a lie from an incompetent president and just rid oursleves of an incompetent Sec of Defense and yet some amongst us insist that “we are trying to help.” Help who? Bechtel and Halliburton are very grateful to be sure.

    Help what? We were told about mushroom clouds and other BS. We were told we were going to invade and be done (after collecting the bouquets of roses) and be home by dinnertime. A pile of lies, damn lies and BS. Why must we insist that these outright lies are justification for the perpetual bloodbath in Iraq?

    Can’t we ever agree that the lives of the soldiers and others are more valuable than lies?

    I hope that whoever acts, we finally see an end to unjustified war. We should have learned something from Viet Nam and somehow, I guess we all forgot. Maybe it will take years but sometime in the future, common sense and wisdom have to reappear.

    This isn’t about political games. We have to recognize that we can’t risk the lives of our own citizens for political ambition. Average workers are just asking for some sanity. How is that wrong?

  8. Westside John Says:

    One point….the media will never print it but there were found in southeast Iraq 12 medium range missiles with nerve gas payloads. These were quickly covered up and no one heard a peep about them…..Why….I haven’t a clue. oh I know this is accurate…I was there.

  9. Gregory Flannery Says:

    Westside John, here’s your chance. Details, please!

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