Friday’s Flicks

Looking to get away after a Thanksgiving overdose of family and food? Unfortunately, this isn’t one of the stronger weeks at the movie house — eight new films open, not a one of them a complete success.

That’s not to say there aren’t few intriguing efforts: Emilio Estevez’s Bobby, Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain and Steven Shainberg’s Fur are sometimes affecting works that ultimately suffer from their respective director’s ambitions.

Speaking of suffering, that goes double for Christopher Guest’s disappointing For Your Consideration, a potentially funny satire that falls flat on its face about halfway in.

Opening films (click on grade to read review).

Bobby: C+

Deck the Halls: F

Déjà Vu: D-

Driving Lessons: Not screened for review

For Your Consideration: C+

The Fountain: C+

Fur: B

Tenacious D: B-

Flick of the Week: The Fountain

Aronofsky’s long-awaited follow-up to Pi and Requiem for a Dream is a puzzler, an ambitious movie so immersed in its own head that one has trouble keeping up. I think it’s trying to make a statement about the perils of eternal life, but I was more intrigued by its 2001-esque sci-fi visuals and its oddly touching love story between Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weitz, both of whom play multiple characters in the free-floating, century-hopping narrative.

I’ve seen it twice now — once at the Toronto Film Festival and once last week — and while each new exposure provides more clarity, it also gives the viewer more to ponder.

If nothing else, Warner Bros. should be applauded for bankrolling Aronofsky’s high-minded experimentalism, something almost completely extinct in this era of homogenized, audience-tested studio movies.

— Jason Gargano

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2 Comments on “Friday’s Flicks”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You missed “Fast Food Nation”! This is a must see with an all star cast. It’s success should not be judged by box office numbers, but by the strength of this thought provoking film. You will never look at a hamburgr or immigration the same.

    Fast Food Nation gets an A+!

  2. JackTheLad Says:

    Is it my imagination, or has this blog become rather thin on content of late?

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