Northside Tavern Gets National Ink

At the CEAs this year, we once again had a category called “Ambassador to the City,” featuring nominees who have helped spread the good word of the Cincinnati music scene well beyond city limits. Bootsy Collins scored the award, but fellow nominees Heartless Bastards just scored a little more national press that epitomizes the concept of the category. In the December issue of Spin magazine (the one with The Killers on the front), the Bastards’ Erika Wennerstrom shows some hometown pride in a brief feature called, “My Favorite Bar.” The blurb about the Northside Tavern is accompanied by a photo of the Tavern (with a photo credit given to Ass Ponys/Wussy singer/songwriter Chuck Cleaver) and Erika’s reasons why it rocks so hard (she doesn’t, however, mention that she bartends there when not on the road touring).

“It’s just a nice neighborhood place that happens to be a rock ‘n’ roll club, too,” Wennerstom says in the piece. ” You get the dive-bar atmosphere without having to be scared of catching something from the bathroom. On a nice night you can sit out on the patio, and inside they have a jukebox, Ms. Pac-Man, and pinball.”

Nice press for the city, the club, the band … but would it kill Spin to do an actual story on the Bastards? It’s well overdue.

— Mike Breen

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