Cincinnati Is Stuck with Cranley

Bill Clinton’s charm couldn’t do it. The endorsement of the Blue Dog Democrats couldn’t do it. A nationwide anti-Republican surge couldn’t do it. Strong financial support from the national Democratic Pary couldn’t do it. An unending series of attacks on Steve Chabot couldn’t do it. Dodging the big question about the war couldn’t do it. In the end, the race wasn’t even all that close. Chabot beat Cincinnati City Councilman John Cranley again — this time by a margin of four percentage points.

For a full report on this and other races, see CityBeat‘s election coverage and results.
— Gregory Flannery

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2 Comments on “Cincinnati Is Stuck with Cranley”

  1. jan Says:

    I think you missed an important point, Greg. Cincinnati is stuck with Cranley AND Chabot.

    On the plus side, we still have Chabot to blame. Cranley would have undoubtedly screwed up and made the Dems look bad. With both Cranley and Pepper pretending to be Democrats and messing everything up, the blow to the party in Hamilton County would have been overwhelming.

  2. […] Privately, the five-member majority grumble that Cranley — who has been council’s Finance Committee chair for several years — has avoided making permanent cuts to end the city’s structural imbalance in the budget, preferring instead to rely on temporary solutions such as using carryover funds from previous years or paying less into Cincinnati’s pension system. Also, some members are upset that Cranley spent little time on his council duties during the past year due to his unsuccessful congressional campaign against Republican incumbent Steve Chabot. […]

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